On Hiatus

When Hubby and I first bought our house 4 years ago, one of the main upgrades we wanted to make was to switch out the builder grade linoleum and carpet for some kind of hard flooring.  We had priced out and planned to purchase vinyl plank flooring, which is planks of wood or tile like looking pieces made from vinyl(it looks gorgeous and is 100% waterproof, win-win in my book).

Obviously putting in new flooring is not only a huge expense, but a huge undertaking so we had been putting it off for the past few years for smaller, less labor intensive(and more affordable) projects.

But add in a little dog with bladder and bowel control issues and a baby on the way…well, hubby and I realized we wanted to replace the flooring before our little girl got here.  We were so lucky to find the flooring we wanted on clearance because of an overstock(unfortunately it’s no longer on clearance, but we got it from Home Depot).

We ordered a wood like flooring for most of the house with a marble-esque flooring for the kitchen and bathrooms. Delivery was last week.  My in-laws drove up from Florida to help us install the flooring over the weekend.  In anticipation of this, my parents came over a few nights after work and helped us rip up the carpet(in the whole house except the nursery where my mom was helping paint) and prep the floors.

Unfortunately, the wrong color flooring was sent.  Nearly 6 pallets and 7,000 lbs of flooring filling up our garage and 90% of it was the wrong color!  We’re working on getting the proper color sent out and the wrong color picked up, but in the meantime, we’re living with bare sub flooring throughout most of the house.

Now hubby and his dad were able to install the marble-like tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms(and what a job that was!!!), and it looks gorgeous, but for a few weeks(or even months) we are going to have to live with bare concrete and wood sub-flooring with our furniture moved around in weird places and a lot of our “stuff” packed away in the garage.


Yesterday, hubby and I used some scraps leftover from when we built a custom closet in our room to put a custom-ish closet system in the nursery.   Well, he built 90% of it…I helped hold the shelves when he was cutting(don’t worry I wore ear plugs, a respirator so I wouldn’t breath in any nasties and eye protection).  I also kept him company while he worked and cooked him a delicious dinner as a thank you!



Long story short, because of all the construction mess in our house I am probably not going to be doing many outfit posts in the next month or so as we slowly work through installing our flooring.  I do plan to show you some snippets as we work on the nursery decorations and whenever I can sneak an outfit pic in(if I can find a place to take the pics…maybe the nursery since it still has flooring).

Thanks for bearing with me during all these changes.



It’s a…….




To say we were shocked is an understatement.  Both hubby and I were convinced it was a boy!  But we are very, very happy and excited to get working on the nursery(we’ve got a crib and a dresser on order and bought the paint yesterday).  I’ll post some pictures of our work on the nursery as we go along with it.

Anyways, in honor of our learning about having a daughter, I decided to wear a cute girlish outfit today.



{Dress: Target Maternity, Cardigan: Limited, Shoes: Macys}

I just love the combination of soft pink and grey.  In fact, it was one of my choices for the nursery(though we’ve gone a completely different way which I will write about soon).  This dress is seriously one of the most comfortable dresses I’ve ever worn. It feels like I’m wearing a nightgown to work It’s awesome.


Spots and Mustard

I don’t really have much to say about today’s outfit, so I’m just going to post my pictures and leave it at that!



{Shirt: Target, Cardigan: J Crew Outlet, Skirt: Gap Maternity, Shoes: Goodwill, Necklace: Etsy}


Me Made May: Maternity Pants

Ages ago, I came across some maternity clothing patterns at Goodwill for a few bucks, so I bought them thinking that if I ever did get pregnant, they definitely come in handy.

When I finally did get pregnant, I pretty much immediately went and bought some fabrics to make some dresses, skirts and tops.  I still haven’t gotten around to making those yet….

But I did make my first maternity clothing item this weekend.  Early in my pregnancy(around 10-11 weeks), I definitely wasn’t showing yet but I was most assuredly out-growing a lot of my clothes.  So, I broke down and bought a pair of maternity dress pants from Gap. They were/are just wonderful.  I wanted to order some more, but when I saw they were no longer on sale(full price $60+), I cringed and took a good look at the ones I already owned.

I realized maternity dress pants are basically just regular pants without a zipper and a stretchy panel in place of the waistband.  Because I have a few regular pants patterns, I decided to try my hand at making my own maternity pants.  I ordered 3 different patterns of stretch suiting fabric and went to town on the first pair this weekend.

I used the Thurlow pants pattern from Sewaholic patterns and I cut out a size 10(because I felt like I had gained so much girth in my hips/thighs).  This was a mistake as I had to take them in a TON(and they’re still too big and I need to take them in even more), but overall the process went smoothly.  I’ve already started on my second pair, and all in all I think I could probably make a pair in 4-6 hours flat.

Not having to put in a waistband/belt loops and a zipper certainly speeds things up.  I used a piece of stretchy tricot lining to make the panel.

maternity pants-1

{Blouse: Banana, Cardigan: Gap: Pants: Made by Me, Shoes: Dillards}

You may have also noticed my hair looks a bit different.  Well, that is a long story.  I wanted to add some vibrancy to my hair as I felt it was looking dull lately.  I had read that it is fine to dye your hair while pregnant, but that it’s a good idea to have someone else apply it.  So, I asked one of my co-workers who used to be a hair stylist(she cuts my hair) if she could color it for me.  We picked out a nice coppery auburn but something went wrong and it turned out RED.  Like crayola crayon , Ariel from the little mermaid red.  It was awful.

So she came over this weekend and re-dyed it with a darker auburn mixed with brown and it is still a lot redder than what we were going for, at least it looks okay.  I’ve actually been getting a lot of compliments on it, so overall I am happy.

In baby news, we are going for our anatomy scan this week, and if baby cooperates we’ll be able to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!  I think it’s a boy though. Either way, we are excited!



When we first moved to our little town, there wasn’t much other than a Wal-Mart and a Home Depot.   In the 4 years we’ve lived here, it’s been a building frenzy with tons of new restaurants and shops going in.  They’re even building a 500,000 sq ft outlet mall just miles from our house.

Anyways, one of the new shopping centers has a Michael’s, among other stores and on Wednesday I stopped in to pick up a zipper for my niece’s flower girl dress.  While I was there, I wandered over to TJ Maxx just to see what they had. I figured since it had just opened they’d likely have some pretty nice pieces.

They don’t have a specific maternity section, but I wandered around the store looking at the offerings, when I came across this really cute polka dot pencil dress with ruching around the mid-section.  It definitely wasn’t maternity but it was very stretchy and the ruches are something you see on a lot of maternity dresses.

I bought it and decided to wear it today. Well, let me tell you, I am in LOVE with this dress. Besides being so freaking comfortable, it’s a very pretty, va-va-voom look.  It definitely has that 40s/50s bombshell look about it.  Bonus-it’s incredible flattering to a I’m pregnant but just look bigger not pregnant yet body. If I could find more dresses in this same cut but different patterns, I would go to town buying them because I love it that much.



{Dress: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Bakers, Necklace: WHBM}

In baby news, I had an appointment with my new doctor yesterday and I really liked her.  She spent almost an hour with us, asking questions and answering ours.  Everything looks right on track and baby’s heartbeat is nice and strong.  We should be going for our anatomy scan in about 2.5 weeks or so!!

Have a great weekend!


Pattern Mixing

I have good news on the AC front.  We called a company recommended by a colleague and we’re getting it fixed on Friday(for way less than the original company we called had quoted us)…plus they topped up our coolant so we have had cool air since yesterday evening!

Because it was nice and cool in the house this morning, it made it nice and easy to curl my hair(plus I woke up early today).  I’m a little disappointed by how it looks in the picture though.  I promise it looks much cuter in person and not so much 80s mom perm.


{Shirt: Target, Blazer: Banana Republic, Shoes: Kate Spade, Skirt: Goodwill}

And just for fun, you can kind of start to see a baby bump happening from the side:

patternmixing-1-2 -Tamara

Gold and Silver

So filing this under owning a home can really suck, our AC is out and needs about $1,000 worth of repairs.  I’m glad it went out when the temps were “only” in the high 80s instead of the 100s  and I’m only 17 weeks pregnant instead of 8 months, I guess! Either way, I spent the evening downstairs reading quietly on the couch trying to stay as cool as possible.

Luckily it’s still somewhat cooling off during the evenings so it wasn’t too bad for sleeping as long as the fan was going and the house was a good temperature this morning, so I wasn’t sweating getting ready.

Pregnancy is a weird thing.  I mean, I obviously KNEW you don’t grow a belly overnight but somehow I thought I’d definitely be “needing” maternity clothes by now.  I’m wearing some, but not because I need them, just because a lot of my regular clothes don’t fit. Really, if I had 1 or 2 sizes up in all my clothes I’d be okay. But hey, I’m just trying to make it work till I have a legitimate bump.

Also, a secret of pregnancy…maternity pants are the best, most comfortable things on the planet.  I don’t know why all dress pants don’t have an elastic waist!

gold and silver-1

{Shirt: Limited, Cardigan: J Crew Factory, Pants: Gap Maternity, Shoes: Urbanog.com, Necklace: NY& Co}

I’ve got some exciting things in the works, sewing wise.  I’m making a flower girl dress for my niece, and I think it’s going to be SO CUTE. I’ll get some pictures up here when I get a free second. I’m also making some maternity pants(yay) by altering a non-maternity pants pattern.  I wanted to do some sewing last night but it was so warm upstairs I couldn’t stand the thought of working up there.

I am trying to get myself interested in knitting again.  I was knitting a sweater during the worst of my morning sickness, and I haven’t been able to look at knitting for at least 6 weeks without feeling sick.  But this past weekend, my mom needed some help with knitting in the round, so I showed her and I didn’t feel a bit sick.  I’m thinking I just need to work on a different project than the sweater I was knitting during my MS.



So today I’m wearing a maternity little black dress.  It’s one of two LBD’s I own that are maternity.  I picked this one up at Target a few weeks ago because I figured it was one of those pieces I could wear now and later as my belly grows. The other one I have is definitely only useable when I have a big bump(it’s got that belly pouch thing with ruching on the sides).

I am definitely a big fan of this dress because it’s SUPER comfortable and I feel like I could dress it up in different ways with various accessories and shoes.  The only down-side is that the pleating on the front that is designed to stretch for a bigger belly sometimes gives me a Beyonce-like folding belly.  By that I mean, sometimes the pleats cause the belly to pooch out bigger than my belly actually is and when I sit down it kinda folds/collapses.  But it’s worth that silly little thing because it’s quite a cute dress.



{Dress: Target, Necklace: Ebay, Shoes: Bakers}

It’s probably not THAT noticeable, but I got a haircut yesterday.  The manager of the practice I’m at the most used to be a hair dresser and she fixed my hair back in January. She made me promise I’d let her maintain the hair cut every few months with a trim while it grows out and yesterday after work she cornered me with scissors and trimmed off the dead ends. It looks MUCH better now, and I’m very happy with her work.

Very excited about the weekend!  I am hoping to have enough energy to be very productive.


Wild Side

So, I’m technically wearing a maternity item of clothing today!  My skirt is labeled as maternity, though all it is a very stretchy pencil skirt.  I think anyone could wear it and it’s a great piece to transition from that time of pregnancy where you don’t really have a belly yet but you’re bigger than normal to WOW huge belly, and hopefully it it doesn’t stretch out too much, it should be wearable postpartum.

I might use it as a template to make some similar skirts in other stretchy fabrics.


{Sweater: Ann Taylor, Skirt: ASOS Maternity, Shoes: Goodwill}




Pretty in Pink

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great Easter weekend.

On Saturday, I was probably more active and efficient than I have been this whole pregnancy….but then on Sunday, well I sat down around 1:30 and didn’t really get up to do the rest of the day.  I’m not going to lie…I’m not one of those who has loved being pregnant.  So far, there has been no real positive experience for me(other than the obvious one that God-willing, we’ll get a baby out of this), and I’ve just felt off even when not feeling weighed down by morning sickness.  Maybe once I can feel the baby moving and start looking pregnant, I’ll enjoy it more.

Anyways, enough complaining, in light of Easter, I thought I’d put together a soft and pretty look.  We go to church on Saturday nights, so we didn’t go yesterday, but I definitely could’ve worn this outfit to a Sunday Easter Service.

pretty in pink-1-2


{Blouse: Ann Taylor Factory, Cardigan: Limited, Skirt(used to be a dress): WHBM, Shoes: Payless}

Tomorrow night, hubby, myself and my parents are going to see Nickel Creek, one of my favorite bands.  I’ve seen them once before when I lived in Charleston in 2005, but the broke up soon after and now that they’ve gotten back together for at least one more tour, I can’t wait to experience their live show again.  Of course, I’ve been able to see Chris Thile(one of the members of Nickel Creek) multiple times throughout the years either solo or with Punch Brothers, but there’s something about Nickel Creek that I just love.

Have a great week!