The Next Chapter

So last time I posted, I was still pregnant and now my baby girl is 6.5 months!  Time flies doesn’t it?

I’ll be honest with you, the early months of motherhood were tough and I often contemplated giving up my blog completely.  But, something held me back from throwing in the towel and now that I’m getting up only 2-3 times a night with the baby(until about a month ago, she was up every 2 hours at night) and we have something of a routine down, I feel like I have the time/energy to start blogging again.

I figure I probably need to catch you up on all the goings on of the past 6.5 months.  Exactly 7 months ago, my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  I was so excited for her and hoped that my daughter would come soon….but it was to be another 10 days before she made her debut!

At almost 42 weeks pregnant, I was finally induced and 18 hours later Ella was born at 12:57pm on 10/17/14.  It’s quite funny because when my mom found out both my sister and I were pregnant and due in October she hoped that one of her grandchildren would be born on her birthday(10/18).  Since we were both due in the beginning of October I didn’t think that would be possible but Ella had other plans and decided to come the day before her Gram-Gram’s birthday!

The pain of labor was unlike anything I had ever experienced and I had flashbacks for several weeks after.  I ended up tearing and needing a forceps delivery, so Ella was quite banged up and bruised, but still beautiful to me!  I got to deliver her myself which was pretty freaking cool.  Her head and shoulders were out and my doctor told me to reach down and pull her out…so I did!  Seeing her for the first time was the greatest moment of my life and something I will always treasure.

I don’t want to disappoint you all too much, but hubby and I made the decision before her birth to keep pictures of her off the internet, so I won’t be sharing any pictures with you, but rest assured she is a doll.  She has creamy porcelain skin, HUGE dark blue eyes and SNOW WHITE, PLATINUM blonde hair.  I mean, we seriously created the whitest baby on the planet…lol.  We get stopped wherever we go by people telling us how cute she is.

Anyways, physically recovering from labor was much more difficult that I anticipated and I’m still dealing with some after-effects.  I had tons of trouble with breastfeeding including low supply, latch issues and severe pain, but I stuck with it and now we are in a good place.  We are currently trying to get Ella eating solids but it’s not going very well. She spits out most food and cries when we try to give her anything but my milk.

I dealt with some PPD but I am taking medications now and it has a made a night/day difference in my emotional health.

I went back to work when Ella was 8 weeks old and while it’s tough to be away from her, I think it was really good for me to get back out there.  Her teachers at daycare are wonderful, they love her and she loves them and they have really helped in getting her established on a schedule.  The only downside of daycare is constant sickness.  Ella is almost always sick…we are on ear infection #4 and probably going to have to have tubes put in her ears.  She also brings home a lot of sicknesses, so hubby and I have had the joy of being sick multiple times this year so far.

Despite being sick almost all the time, Ella is a SUPER happy baby. She almost always has a big smile on her face and her laugh is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.

At first, I wasn’t really doing any kind of crafting because I was just overwhelmed with the care of Ella(she hardly slept and wanted to nurse round the clock).  Luckily, I’ve now gotten to where I can spend a few hours on the weekend working in my sewing room.

To that end, I have decided to make a change with my blog.  I no longer have the desire nor the time, nor the space to take daily outfit pictures, but I don’t want to give up blogging completely.  As a result, I have decided to make this blog about my creative endeavors-sewing/DIY’ing/knitting and any other crafty things like that.  There will still be occasional outfit posts when I have made an outfit I want to show off, but it’s going to be much more about projects I’ve made.

One other thing I hadn’t yet written about, though I started it before Ella was born, is my position as a volunteer seamstress for NICU Helping Hands.  NICU Helping Hands takes donated wedding dresses and has their volunteers create beautiful burial gowns called Angel Gowns for infants that are lost either during pregnancy or shortly after delivery.  I have made 40 Angel Gowns from 3 different wedding dresses so far and I have more dresses yet to work with.  I will be posting the AG’s I’ve been soon.  If you would like more information about NICU Helping Hands, check out their website here.

Well, that was a really long post, so thanks to anyone who has read this far and thanks for sticking around after my almost 7 months absence!




4 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    I am so glad that you are back! I have to admit I was worried when you didn’t post anything for so long….I even started to follow your sisters blog. Wait….does that make me sound like a stalker? Forget that last part 😀 I love the name and good for you keeping pictures of Ella off of the Internet, it’s a scary world we live in. Welcome back Tamara!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      thanks girl! no, not stalkerish at all..haha…I probably would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes! >

  2. fitundgluecklich says:

    I’m so happy you are back!!!! And I loved the short update, I was also wondering whats up, haha 😉 For me it still sounds so stressful to be a working mom during the first year, I’ll go back to work in August and I’m not really looking forward to 😉 Love to read more!! Ulli

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