Shower of Babies

No baby yet around here.  I’m due on Monday, but ready to go at any point, though little Miss seems quite content to hang out for awhile longer.  I won’t be induced till after the 14th, so I could be pregnant for another 2 weeks(!).  That seems really long, but I am going to try some long walks and massages this weekend to see if we can get things moving along so to speak.

Last post I left off with talking about my sister and my baby shower’s, and all the gifts I made for my sister.  So, let’s jump right in with my shower.

When we found out we were having a girl, hubby and I went back and forth on how to decorate the nursery.  Neither of us really wanted anything too babyish nor did we want to just buy one of those all-in-one nursery decorating kits(nothing wrong with those, but as crafty/DIY’ers we both wanted to make as much stuff for the nursery as possible).  Hubby came up with the idea of doing a Lord of the Rings/Elvin theme.  I’ve shown you a few preview pictures of the nursery, and now that it’s finally done I will be posting soon with our completed pictures.

Anyways, we decided to carry on that nature/elvin thing with the baby shower.  Now, I didn’t want to go too over the top with things so we kept it pretty simple.  The one thing I wanted was this beautiful cake I found online that had the White Tree of Gondor piped onto it with icing, since that is one of the things I painted on the wall in the nursery.



It was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen.  In fact, some people stopped by just to take pictures of it. Unfortunately it wasn’t that great tasting.  The cake part itself was amazing but icing just tasted like pure butter.  Now, I’m one of those people who likes a little cake with my icing so I was very disappointed by the cake overall(particularly considering how expensive it turned out to be).  Oh, well live and learn!

My sister made cupcakes to go along with the cake as well as some cute little decorations.  The cupcakes blew the cake out of the water taste-wise!



I had knitted a blanket for the nursery that was on theme so we displayed that on one of the tables.



My sister made this little sign for the door.


For favors, we gave out bottles of Bath and Body Works Shower gel with a bath sponge all tied up with pink ribbon and a beautiful thank you card my mom made.

One thing I really don’t like at baby or wedding showers are stupid cheesy games, so I made my sister and mom promise me there would be NO GAMES.  However, they wanted to do something special, so they got together with my best friend and came up with the idea to have everyone fill out cards with wishes for the baby.  It was a really special thing and my best friend had these special cards made with the Tree of Gondor on it along with a saying she had translated into Elvish.



It was a really fun morning with delicious foods and so many generous gifts!  I was blown away by everyone’s generosity.   It was basically everything I could have wanted in a baby shower!



A few weeks later it was time for my sister’s baby shower.  There ended up being all this drama around the location of her shower, but long story short it all worked out in the end and was absolutely gorgeous!  Her theme was Sock Monkey to match her nursery and I made several different kinds of cupcakes as well as a few decorative signs.

I don’t have the pictures from her shower, but if you head over to her blog Creations from the Hart, you can see pics from her shower as well as a few more from mine.

My main gift to her was a customized car seat slip cover.  I had asked her to pick out the fabrics she wanted, but I surprised her by lining the canopy in sock monkey print fabric and adding a sock monkey appliqué to the seat.  I had enough fabric leftover that I also made her a matching blanket and a changing pad cover for the nursery(didn’t get a picture of that though).



The red chevron print is on the reverse side.

I also wanted to knit her/my nephew something, so I searched Ravelry and found an adorable pattern for a sock monkey head with a small blanket attached.




She had also pinned a crocheted sock monkey hat to one of her Pinterest boards, so I found a knitting pattern I could use, and with my leftover yarn knitted my nephew a hat and matching sweater.



I had a really good time making all these gifts!  It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I know I’ll be continuing to make him more gifts as he continues to grow!



5 thoughts on “Shower of Babies

  1. Andi says:

    Oh my goodness, those sock monkey things you made are so adorable! You continue to amaze me with your skills! Good luck with the next couple of weeks!!

    • katy says:

      we never get to meet you baby girl hope you post a picture of her soon, she must be beautiful just like you!!

      • guitargrl325 says:

        Thank you so much! I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to everyone…motherhood is a lot of work! I hope to post soon about baby girl’s arrival and the past 6.5 months of her life

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