5 Weddings and a Baby Shower(or two)

This summer will go down as the wedding and baby summer.  I was invited to 5 weddings(!) and one baby shower(plus my own shower of course).  I was only able to attend 3 of the weddings, but both baby showers(mine and my sisters) were wonderful.

For two of the weddings and my sister’s baby shower, I opted to make gifts instead of buying something ready to go at the store.  I really love making people gifts instead of buying them.  For one, I really enjoy the process. It’s just fun for me.  Secondly, it usually allows me the way to give the recipient something of greater value than I could have afforded ready to go.  For example, at Christmas last year I made my dad a wool peacoat.  There is no way our budget would have allowed us to buy him a coat like that, but by buying the materials and making it myself, I was able to give him a very nice gift.   And finally, when I give someone a hand-made gift, I count the time and effort as part of the gift, which to me makes the gift that much more special.

The first wedding gift I made was a reversible apron with a coordinating oven mitt and hot pad.The bride had registered for an apron but I wanted to make a much fancier and special one.

I modified a dress bodice pattern to make the top of the apron, while the skirt is a half circle skirt with a full circle skirt flounce attached to it.

Side One(note, I had padded out the belly on my dress form to mimic my pregnant figure so the apron fits a little wonky on it.  It’s much better on a non-pregnant body..haha).  I used a cotton duck black and white damask fabric I had leftover from a project I had done a few years ago. This is my favorite side!

apron side 1

Side 2: For this side, I used a sheer black rosette overlaid a white satin, both remnants I had picked up awhile back.  The purple trim is leftover from some fabric I bought for the June dress(from last year) that wasn’t the right color purple.

apron side 2

Oven mitt and hot pad:

oven mitt


For the second wedding/bridal shower, I found a tutorial online to make an insulated casserole carrying dish from 2 Little Hooligans. (Tutorial Here).  I knew this would be a perfect gift for this bride because she is a casserole/pot-luck kinda gal.

I included a pyrex baking dish with lid and a serving spoon and I love how it turned out.  The main difference I did from the tutorial was to use snaps instead of velcro.  I made several rows of snaps so the bride could use it for different sized dishes.

casserole closed

casserole open


casserole snaps


In order not to overwhelm  you pictures, I think I’ll leave this post for now and come back another day to post all the things I made for my sister’s baby shower(it was kind of a lot!).



2 thoughts on “5 Weddings and a Baby Shower(or two)

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I would so make you a car seat cover if I had a way to ship it to you that didn’t coast 1 billion dollars. 🙂

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