This picture/outfit is actually from last week, but I have been so busy at work and home that I didn’t get around to posting about it till today.

I made these pants a few months ago and they fit great when I first put them on, but because they have a stretch to them, as well as the stretchy panel for my belly, by lunchtime I’m having to pull them up every 5 minutes.  Oh well, it makes them reeaaaally comfy!

maternity neutrals-1


{Top: Motherhood Maternity, Pants: Made by Me, Shoes: Sears}

Just like every weekend it seems, this past weekend was a whirlwind of activity. Errands, bridal showers, projects, you name it!  This weekend is my baby shower so obviously that is going to be a busy time as well, but I told hubby that the weekend after, we are NOT going anywhere or running any errands.

I’m knitting a blanket for the nursery and I finished all the main parts of it and blocked them over the weekend.  I’m now in the process of seaming all the pieces together.  I am definitely the biggest critic of my own work so I’m less than happy with how it is looking(little mistakes, ect), but I will still be using it since it represents hours upon hours of work.  Once it’s completely done, I’ll post a pic on here.



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