On Hiatus

When Hubby and I first bought our house 4 years ago, one of the main upgrades we wanted to make was to switch out the builder grade linoleum and carpet for some kind of hard flooring.  We had priced out and planned to purchase vinyl plank flooring, which is planks of wood or tile like looking pieces made from vinyl(it looks gorgeous and is 100% waterproof, win-win in my book).

Obviously putting in new flooring is not only a huge expense, but a huge undertaking so we had been putting it off for the past few years for smaller, less labor intensive(and more affordable) projects.

But add in a little dog with bladder and bowel control issues and a baby on the way…well, hubby and I realized we wanted to replace the flooring before our little girl got here.  We were so lucky to find the flooring we wanted on clearance because of an overstock(unfortunately it’s no longer on clearance, but we got it from Home Depot).

We ordered a wood like flooring for most of the house with a marble-esque flooring for the kitchen and bathrooms. Delivery was last week.  My in-laws drove up from Florida to help us install the flooring over the weekend.  In anticipation of this, my parents came over a few nights after work and helped us rip up the carpet(in the whole house except the nursery where my mom was helping paint) and prep the floors.

Unfortunately, the wrong color flooring was sent.  Nearly 6 pallets and 7,000 lbs of flooring filling up our garage and 90% of it was the wrong color!  We’re working on getting the proper color sent out and the wrong color picked up, but in the meantime, we’re living with bare sub flooring throughout most of the house.

Now hubby and his dad were able to install the marble-like tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms(and what a job that was!!!), and it looks gorgeous, but for a few weeks(or even months) we are going to have to live with bare concrete and wood sub-flooring with our furniture moved around in weird places and a lot of our “stuff” packed away in the garage.


Yesterday, hubby and I used some scraps leftover from when we built a custom closet in our room to put a custom-ish closet system in the nursery.   Well, he built 90% of it…I helped hold the shelves when he was cutting(don’t worry I wore ear plugs, a respirator so I wouldn’t breath in any nasties and eye protection).  I also kept him company while he worked and cooked him a delicious dinner as a thank you!



Long story short, because of all the construction mess in our house I am probably not going to be doing many outfit posts in the next month or so as we slowly work through installing our flooring.  I do plan to show you some snippets as we work on the nursery decorations and whenever I can sneak an outfit pic in(if I can find a place to take the pics…maybe the nursery since it still has flooring).

Thanks for bearing with me during all these changes.



4 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Ugh. While I was pregnant we renovated our entire home. And lived in it. We moved all our furniture into the master and baby room while the living areas were ripped up, then vice versa. No fun sleeping in the living room for a month! We lived on salads and microwave meals and cereal. Dust everywhere. Same thing – we knew what we wanted but never got around to it until it got urgent. No regrets, our home was amazing and now it is perfect for us and our baby. I’m sure yours will turn out fantastic!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      It’s kind of amazing how we let things go till a baby or other life change is coming along!! Luckily since the guys finished the kitchen flooring, I can now cook, because we definitely couldn’t’ afford to eat out if the kitchen was not useable. What sucks is my sewing room is not really very usable because I packed a lot of it up to make room to put in the flooring. I’m hoping to access some of it so that I can make some stuff for the nursery but we’ll see how that works out.

  2. Louise Beckett says:

    You and Alain are amazing. But….I remember our earlier days of marriage and things we tackled. The big difference is we probably didn’t know what we were doing but we started anyway! Don’t work yourselves into a frenzy. Love you.

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