So today I’m wearing a maternity little black dress.  It’s one of two LBD’s I own that are maternity.  I picked this one up at Target a few weeks ago because I figured it was one of those pieces I could wear now and later as my belly grows. The other one I have is definitely only useable when I have a big bump(it’s got that belly pouch thing with ruching on the sides).

I am definitely a big fan of this dress because it’s SUPER comfortable and I feel like I could dress it up in different ways with various accessories and shoes.  The only down-side is that the pleating on the front that is designed to stretch for a bigger belly sometimes gives me a Beyonce-like folding belly.  By that I mean, sometimes the pleats cause the belly to pooch out bigger than my belly actually is and when I sit down it kinda folds/collapses.  But it’s worth that silly little thing because it’s quite a cute dress.



{Dress: Target, Necklace: Ebay, Shoes: Bakers}

It’s probably not THAT noticeable, but I got a haircut yesterday.  The manager of the practice I’m at the most used to be a hair dresser and she fixed my hair back in January. She made me promise I’d let her maintain the hair cut every few months with a trim while it grows out and yesterday after work she cornered me with scissors and trimmed off the dead ends. It looks MUCH better now, and I’m very happy with her work.

Very excited about the weekend!  I am hoping to have enough energy to be very productive.



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