Pretty in Pink

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great Easter weekend.

On Saturday, I was probably more active and efficient than I have been this whole pregnancy….but then on Sunday, well I sat down around 1:30 and didn’t really get up to do the rest of the day.  I’m not going to lie…I’m not one of those who has loved being pregnant.  So far, there has been no real positive experience for me(other than the obvious one that God-willing, we’ll get a baby out of this), and I’ve just felt off even when not feeling weighed down by morning sickness.  Maybe once I can feel the baby moving and start looking pregnant, I’ll enjoy it more.

Anyways, enough complaining, in light of Easter, I thought I’d put together a soft and pretty look.  We go to church on Saturday nights, so we didn’t go yesterday, but I definitely could’ve worn this outfit to a Sunday Easter Service.

pretty in pink-1-2


{Blouse: Ann Taylor Factory, Cardigan: Limited, Skirt(used to be a dress): WHBM, Shoes: Payless}

Tomorrow night, hubby, myself and my parents are going to see Nickel Creek, one of my favorite bands.  I’ve seen them once before when I lived in Charleston in 2005, but the broke up soon after and now that they’ve gotten back together for at least one more tour, I can’t wait to experience their live show again.  Of course, I’ve been able to see Chris Thile(one of the members of Nickel Creek) multiple times throughout the years either solo or with Punch Brothers, but there’s something about Nickel Creek that I just love.

Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. fitundgluecklich says:

    I can definitely relate, I had lots of pain from the endometriosis and cysts I have and just felt “off” most of the time and really really tired! Now that I’m in the 8th month already (wow) I feel much much better (since about 2 months?!)… so there’s hope 😉

  2. Louise beckett says:

    Love you, Tamara. I don’t know if I ever “enjoyed” being pregnant, but I surely enjoyed the results!!!

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