Of Birthdays and Cold Fronts

So today is the big 3-2 for me, which coincidentally is the temperature it’s going to be tonight….in S. Ga…at the end of March.  It’s weird, somehow my birthday is ALWAYS cold.  Even when I lived in S. FLORIDA, there would often be cold fronts coming through on or around my birthday.

I remember my 16th birthday very well.  It was the only real birthday party I had during jr high/high school/college and since we lived in S. Florida(which is almost always hot) we decided to have a pool party.  Of course it was chilly the night of my party and everyone was huddled inside wearing jeans and sweatshirts.  Oh well, we had a great time watching Austin Powers(wow, I can’t believe it’s been out for that long).

Last year, hubby and I went to dinner with my parents and we had to bundle up with wool coats and tights.  This year hubby has to work so we’ll probably save the celebration for tomorrow night but we’ll definitely need coats no matter what we end up doing!

I typically like to have a new outfit(either purchased or made) for my birthdays, but this year it kind of just snuck up on me.  I’ve been busy working on projects for other people, so I haven’t been making anything for myself in my sewing room. And I haven’t been buying new clothes really, so you get a recycled-ish outfit today.  It’s quite similar to an outfit I wore a few weeks ago but hey, it’s composed of some of my very favorite clothing pieces, and hey, it’s my birthday and I’ll wear what I want!



{Blouse: Goodwill, up cycled by me, Skirt: Made by Me, Sweater: Kohls, Shoes: Michael Kors}

I’m hoping to get over to the park across my office after work and do a birthday run and then head home for a quiet evening with my doggies(hubby’s working).  We’ll probably go out for dinner tomorrow night and then on Thursday we’re going to see Ricky Skaggs at the Lucas Theatre.  All I can say is, he better do Uncle Pen or I’ll be sorely disappointed!



6 thoughts on “Of Birthdays and Cold Fronts

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thank you! I saw your amazing news…haven’t had a chance to comment on your blog yet but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy for you!!!

  1. ADA says:

    Happy Birthday to you. You look beautiful as always and yes you can wear whatever you like, for your Birthday and always. You did a great job sewing that mustard skirt and I love Bow-tie Blouses. I need/want a dark-colored Polka Dot Sweater. This outfit is just sweet & perfect. That eyeglasses bracelet is just the cutest!!

    Let us know how your celebration went, ❤ Ada.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thank you so much! I definitely recommend a navy polka dot sweater-they are AWESOME!!! I had a fab lunch with my co-workers but hubby had to work so we’re actually celebrating tonight, which is fun to spread my b-day out over a few days.

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