Sorry I sort of just disappeared last week.  It was kind of a nasty week weather wise(very cold and pouring rain every day), plus I had a yucky head cold so my outfits were more of the comfortable and warm as opposed to the fun and fashionable variety.

Now that the weather is better and I’m over the worst of my cold, I feel up to posting cute outfits again..yay!

I’ve actually had this outfit picked out for weeks, but finally decided to wear it today.


{Sweater: Kohls, Scarf: Knitted by my Mom, Skirt: Made by Me, Shoes: Giani Bini}

I had a lazy weekend this past weekend, which is so unusual for me!  Typically, I’m a go-go-go kinda gal, but with my cold I decided to sleep it off and it seemed to have definitely helped!

It’s a good thing because this is our busiest time of the year, so I’m hopping all day long while at work.



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