Last week I went to Banana Republic to use a merchandise credit I’d had for AGES.  I ended up getting a wrap dress and this stretchy, striped peplum top I’m wearing today.

Because it’s navy+pink stripes, I couldn’t resist pairing it with my navy and pink floral cardigan.  Maybe it’s a little over the top, but that’s okay with me because I’m kind of an over the top person!


{Top: Banana Republic, Cardigan: Talbots, Skirt: Made by Me, Shoes: Limited, Necklace: Loft}

We’ve had really warm weather for the past 5 or so days, but it’s going to get cold again for a few days so I’m wearing my open toe shoes while I can!



3 thoughts on “Peplum

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! I personally think pattern mixing is great as long as it’s grounded by a solid color, but it’s good to hear others feel the same.

      • TheGreat Zambini says:

        I love pattern mixing, but then I’m known for being a little over the top! This one is a solid, ‘normal people safe’ look that I can wear too, though, which is nice to see. 🙂

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