Triple Prints

Though technically I’m only wearing two different prints(stripes and polka dots) but I do have three separate printed pieces, so that counts right?


{Blouse: Limited, Sweater: Target, Skirt: Made by Me, Shoes: Bakers}

I had a nice weekend…I stayed busy which is nice, considering how lazy I’ve been for the past few weekends!!  I finally finished the coat I was making for hubby.  I also started on a project for someone that had been looming over my head for months.  I’m kind of trying to finish up all the projects I’ve promised for other people before I do any more sewing for myself.

I also made an AMAZING sandwich for hubby and my lunches this week.  Seriously, wow it’s restaurant worthy!  It was composed of sourdough bread, cheddar cheese, bacon, barbecue chicken breast, sautéed red onions, thinly sliced apples and a ranch sour cream sauce.  After assembling them, I grilled them so the bread was toasted and the cheese was melty.  MMMMMM!



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