Laced Up

A few weeks ago I saw a dress at Neiman Marcus(online there is no store near us) that was just a simple black sheath but had lace sleeves.  I thought the concept was really cute and fun, and figured I could manage something similar by layering a lace blouse underneath a black dress.

Yes the black dress I’m always complaining about being too short but never doing anything to elongate it(i.e., add in a lace trim to the lining).

It looks really short in these pictures, but I’ve been pulling it down/stretching it all day. Plus, I’ve now changed out of the heels and put on flats so I think it helps with the too shortness.


{Dress: WHBM, Tights: BeBe, Lace Blouse: Goodwill, Shoes:, Necklace: Etsy}

Today is hubby’s birthday so I am planning to make him a special meal of steak, mushrooms sautéed in wine, and french fries with an apple crisp for dessert.  YUM!



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