Sometimes it’s cold in Georgia

I know the weather is downright awful up North right now, so in comparison the cold we are having in Georgia is nothing, but it still is quite chilly down here(which I am loving btw!).

I’m never quite sure what to wear on these chilly days.  See, there are two types of chilly days in Georgia.  Type one is the most common, where it’s quite cold(relatively speaking, 30s or so) in the mornings but warms up to mid-60s for the afternoon.  Type 2 is where it’s quite cold in the mornings and stays quite cold all day. Today is one of those type 2 days(as well as the rest of the week).

Regardless of which type of day it is, I will end up being hot before the day is over.  See, the offices I work in tend to crank the heater any time the temperatures drop below 60.  And for whatever reason, the exam rooms are about 10* warmer than the rest of the office.  Basically it means I’m usually dropping layers like crazy as the day proceeds(and complaining about how hot I am).

So for the most part, I tend to underdress for the temperatures outside and just deal with being cold on my 30 second walk from the car into the office.

I will tell you right now that I am already hot in my wool sweater and tights and we are already only a few hours into the work day.


{Blouse:Goodwill(originally Banana), Cardigan: Banana, Skirt: Made by Me, Tights: Kohls, Shoes:}


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