Lots of Layers

It is not news to any of you that today is probably going to be the coldest day of the year.  It was 18* with a feels like temp of 7* this morning in SOUTH GEORGIA.  I realize many of you would love to have 18* weather when you are dealing in the below zero temps, but remember, we NEVER get temps like this.  Our heater cannot even keep up….it’s not designed to work in temperatures this cold so it is churning full time just to keep the house around 62*(the crazy thing is though..it’s going to be in the mid 70s by Saturday).

Anyways, I knew today of all days would be the day to wear lots of layers, because I knew I’d be cold in the morning and slowly get warmer and warmer since our office is typically very warm.

Additionally, I got my hair cut last night…and while the overall length is perfect…my stylist went a little overboard on the layering.  It’s way too choppy and thinned out for my taste, but hair grows.  I just have to wait a few month till the super short layers grow in, then I can have the whole deal evened out.  Until then, I’ll probably be wearing the top layers pulled back to hide how choppy it is.

**It doesn’t help that my super amazing awesome curling iron broke and now I’m working with improper size irons for this hair length**

So, my outfit…because there are several layers, it’s almost like a different look every time I take off a layer:

lots of layers-1-4

No Jacket:

lots of layers-1-3

And if I get really hot, no sweater:

lots of layers-1

{Blazer: Ann Klein, Sweater/Shirt: Gap, Skirt: Made by Me, Tights: can’t remember, Shoes: Giani Bini, Necklace: Etsy}

Stay warm!!


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