Too Cool For School

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you had a fab weekend.  Mine was pretty awesome.  I was actually able to balance getting chores done with some leisure time.  I also had an epic run on Saturday morning.  Every mile was faster than the last, and the last mile(mile 7) was at a sub 9minute pace.  Now, that might not be fast for you, but that’s lightening fast for me.

Hubby was unable to work his shift on Saturday due to computer issues, so we took the opportunity to head downtown and do some walking/window shopping.  It was quite nice, and we found some great bargains at Goodwill and Express.

Today is kind of the start of something new for me work-wise.  My schedule has changed and I’m now going to be working in the office close to my house 2 days/week(7 minute commute!!).  Today was the start of that new schedule.  In addition to that new schedule, today is the first day we are having 2 doctors in one location. It went pretty smoothly and I hope it continues as such.

A major cold front is blowing through today(literally, the wind is about 25mph right now), so it’s actually going to be colder when I leave work today than when I got up this morning.  I wanted to dress in layers that would be warm but not overly so.

I feel like my outfit looks like a modern take on a school uniform.  I know that if my school uniform had looked like this, I definitely would have been much happier wearing it on a daily basis!


{Blouse: Goodwill(up cycled by me), Skirt: Made by Me, Sweater: Loft, Tights: Kohls, Shoes:}

Tonight after work I’m heading off to get my annual hair cut…haha….Even though I had that debacle with the hair coloring and then got the ombre done over the summer, I haven’t gotten an actual cut since last January!!  I’m not going to do anything dramatic…maybe 2 inches or so and some layers.  I’m kind of going to let my stylist decide what looks best.  He’s good at that.



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