Summer to Winter

For summer reason, my navy and white polka dot blouse makes me think of spring/summer.  But when paired with a wool cardigan and skirt, it makes a nice transition to fall/winter.

summer to winter-1

{Blouse: Gap, Cardigan: Banana, Skirt: Loft, Shoes:}

Let’s be real though.  I’ve worn high heels for several days in a row, so what I’m actually wearing is are my navy stripe flats:

summer to winter-1-2

I seriously cannot believe that Christmas is in one week.  I am SO not prepared.  Most of my family will have to deal with getting their gifts at some point after Christmas.  Going to Naples for Thanksgiving and celebrating Christmas with hubby’s family down there gave me a false sense of how much I needed to do for our actual Christmas.  Throw in an unexpected trip to Louisville and I am very behind on my DIY Christmas.

My goal this weekend is to at least finish up a gift each for my parents, but we’ll see how it all plays out.


2 thoughts on “Summer to Winter

  1. DMgirl says:

    Beautiful outfit! I love that skirt with the lace peeking out underneath. Is the lace part of the skirt, or is it one of those underskirt extenders? I see them from time to time and think I need to get myself one. 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      It is actually part of the skirt and attached to the lining. I do want to buy/make a generic skirt extender at some point though. I bought this nice black dress for my grandmas funeral and when I put it on, it was a lot shorter than I remembered it being in the store. It was ok with tights, but I wanted it to be more versatile to wear year round so I am planning to either add lace to the lining or make one of those lace trimmed slips.

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