Picture Day

Today we are having some photos taken during lunch for a local magazine article/advertisement(it’s an advert made to look like an article).

The staff decided that they wanted us to all wear black and white, so I put this outfit together.  I added a pop of purple with my glasses and shoes.  It’s not my FAVORITE outfit ever, but it looks nice and professional, so I hope the photos turn out well.

I’m not exactly thrilled with how my hair turned out….my favorite, absolutely awesome makes it so easy to do my hair curling iron has decided to stop working.  And apparently, I have given away or thrown away my other back up irons.  All I had to do my hair with this morning is my flat iron.  Now, I used to do flat iron curls all the time, but I’ve gotten spoiled with how quickly and easily I could curl my hair with my awesome curling iron.  I also liked the curls my curling iron gave better than flat iron curls…but oh well!

picture day-1

{Blouse/Shoes: WHBM, Blazer: Banana Republic, Skirt: Express, Tights: Kohls}

Have a great Tuesday!


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