The November Dress

Well, I am back from my little vacation.  I only worked two days last week before heading to Florida for Thanksgiving so I decided to take a small break from blogging.  I re-wore previously seen outfits to work on Monday and Tuesday so I didn’t feel the need to reblog something you’d already seen!

We had a great time visiting hubby’s family.  It was the longest time we’ve had with them since we got married over 7 years ago.  Usually our trips our 2 days of non-stop activity, but since we had 5 days this time, we were able to still have some chill time.  We squeezed in celebrating Thanksgiving, my MIL’s birthday and Christmas between shopping, eating and laughing. I also ran a 4 mile race on T-day and killed it(at least for me, I did it 59 seconds faster than my secret goal time and 2 minutes faster than what I figured I’d do).   It was  a great time!

When I started my 12 Month Dress Challenge back in January, I always knew that the November dress would be the dress I wore for Thanksgiving dinner.

On a side note, do you dress up for Thanksgiving Dinner?  My husband and his family does, but it’s not something my family really did growing up so it’s a new tradition for me(not that I mind at all).

Anyways, I had planned to make the Colette Ceylon in a plum cotton poplin, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  Something about that long placket and the 16 or 18 buttons needed to close it…ugh.  It’s a gorgeous pattern and I definitely want to use it at some point but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it for this month.

I went back and forth for awhile on what pattern to use.  I even made up a bodice that I discarded because I didn’t like it.  In the end, I went with the Cambie pattern(again…same pattern I used for the Sept. dress), but I gathered the sleeves a bit and moved them over as well as flattened out the sweetheart neck.

I also made the waist about 1.5″ bigger than the one on my September dress, because I knew I’d be wearing it for a big meal and I wanted it to be extra comfy(haha).   Also, tonight after work, I have a dinner to attend so it was the perfect day to re-wear the dress and photograph it for the blog

I used the fashion fabric to line the bodice and waistband so that there wouldn’t be an chance of seeing white lining…but the skirt is lined in a white polyester something from my stash.

november store-1

Of course there are pockets:

november store-1-2

{Dress: Made by Me, Tights: Kohls, Belt: Kate Spade, Shoes: Rack Room, Necklace: Banana Republic}

In honor of my sister and one of her favorite color combinations(which happened to also be her wedding colors), I paired the dress with my teal pumps.  I really like how it turned out, particularly with the polka dot tights!

I did not take my sewing stuff with me on our trip, so now I’m basically going to be living in my sewing room till Christmas in order to get everything done that I want to get done for gifts and myself to wear!  I’m going to try my darndest to finish everything in time, but a few people may get a box of fabric and a pattern for Christmas with a note that says I’m going to make them that said piece at some point soon..haha!



6 thoughts on “The November Dress

  1. kittehluvs says:

    it’s a beautiful dress! I never dress up for thanksgiving because usually we spend all day cooking and cleaning and are beat by the time we sit down to dinner. I just wear something that i don’t mind getting dirty too, because I tend to get food on myself, Lol.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Haha…yeah, that’s kind of how it always went with my family. Dad and I would usually go do a turkey trot or at least a run of some sort, then we’d get back and start the cleaning/prep process…usually I was too tired to change before dinner. But, since the in-laws do the dressing up thing and I’m never one to shy away from dressing up, I’ve embraced the tradition.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I didn’t make the headband actually…it just turned out to match perfectly. I was getting dressed and saw it sitting in my headband bin and went…dude I HAVE to wear that headband, it looks like they were made to go together!! And yes, polka dot tights are always a good decision. I went by Kate Spade last night(killing time before my meeting) and they had several mannequins with polka dot tights.

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