Crossing the Line

You know that I LOVE pattern mixing.  I’ve tried out multiple different pattern combinations with very(at least to me) pleasing results.  Today’s combination though, might even be too much for me.  I’m not sure whether I like it or I think it’s too much, but it’s what I’m wearing, here we go:


{Blouse: Made by Me, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Skirt: Target, Belt: Kate Spade, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini}

Remember a month or two ago when I told you how I was going to be making my best friend a wedding dress?  Her original plan was to have a smallish wedding in March 2014 with a couture like dress I had carefully constructed for her.  After some thinking though, she and her fiancé decided to save the money they would have spent on a wedding for a bunch of random people and instead take a series of trips next spring/summer to visit the most important people in their lives and spend time with each person as well as go out for a celebratory meal.

She’s calling it the summer of the traveling wedding dress…haha…Anyways, they decided to have a very small ceremony this December to actually get married, which unfortunately meant I would not have time to complete the custom couture wedding gown(don’t worry, I’m still going to make it for their spring/summer travels).  At first she was going to try to find something off the rack, but then I told her I’d make her a ceremony dress. It’s going to be much simpler than the one for this summer, but still beautiful.  I’ve made a series of 4 different fitting bodices and tonight I think we will be having our last fitting before I start cutting into the fashion fabric!  We’ve changed the design slightly from our original plan, and I’m soooo excited to start the actual construction.

I hope to have some pictures for you very soon!


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