Comfy, Casual Friday

I had decided I wasn’t even going to post an outfit today, because all I wanted to was to put on something comfortable and get to work…but then my comfortable outfit turned out kind of cute so I figured I’d share.

comfycasual-1{Shirt: Goodwill(originally Gap), Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: Aldo, Scarf: Beall’s Outlet}

Very glad it’s almost the weekend.  I’m hoping that I can get a lot accomplished(lots of sewing, dog grooming and cleaning planned).  I’ll be one happy girl if I can finish the November dress as well as make some adjustments and re-make the muslin for my friend’s wedding ceremony dress(I’m making her two different dresses…a fairly simple one for her ceremony in December and the other a really intricate, expensive couture like dress that she is planning to take on some travels around the US to visit friends/family to celebrate the wedding during the spring/summer).



6 thoughts on “Comfy, Casual Friday

  1. nonsensicalmadrigal says:

    I love the striped shirt with the leopard-print scarf! And then how the shoes tie it all together. Nice!

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