Black and White with a Pop of Color

I really love this cardigan, but I very rarely wear it.  It’s too hard to clean because the chiffon flowers bleed black onto the white sweater portion and it causes me to have hours of scrubbing the blackish blue stains.  I tend to wear it only when I KNOW I won’t sweat and can go several wearing between washings.

The first time I wore this sweater was during Part III of my National Board Exams way back in 2010.  I felt pretty and professional but that didn’t stop me from almost failing!!  Don’t worry, I didn’t almost fail because I suck at what I do…but I had just spent a year doing eye exams on actual patients and moving through the motions very quickly and efficiently.  Then at the end of the year, you have to take part III, which is a practical exam.  Part of what they grade you on is you stating every.single.thing you are doing.  I forgot to do that on one station(there are 4 stations btw)because you don’t do that in a real exam.

I was convinced I had failed and would have to wait till the fall to take the re-take.  I cried a lot during the next few weeks and months because if I failed national boards, I could not take state boards to be licensed and without a license I couldn’t practice.

Luckily, I managed to just BARELY pass that station by the skin of my teeth despite missing out on all those(basically FREE) points.  I do so well on the rest of the boards though, my overall score was still pretty good.

Anyways , you know I love pattern mixing so I couldn’t help but pair the sweater and it’s floral motif with my striped dress and some polka dot tights.  My red patent pumps added the perfect amount of color to break up all the black and white.

blakc and white-1

{Dress: Made by Me, Cardigan/Shoes: WHBM, Tights: TJ. Maxx(betsey johnson brand)}



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