Mixed Up

How was your weekend?  Mine was not entirely what I had planned, but I managed to get in some relaxation time as well as accomplish most of the goals I set for myself.

A typical weekend for me involves a long to-do list that contains both chores(laundry/cleaning/cooking) and fun stuff(sewing/knitting/running).  I usually start Friday night and don’t really stop till Sunday evening.

My mom invited me to see a play at the university where she works on Friday night, so I went to that with her and my dad.  I ended up spending Friday night with them and most of Saturday(running with my dad then shopping with my mom).  I was able to get Christmas and Birthday gifts for my niece and nephews plus some more sewing and knitting supplies.  Sunday was spent with more running, chores and some fun stuff, ending the evening with down time with hubby.  All in all it was a great weekend with the perfect balance of chores and relaxation(something I really struggle with).

Anyways, now onto today’s outfit.  None of my pre-picked outfits appealed to me, so I dug around in my closet to find something I hadn’t worn many times and decided I wanted to wear my striped blazer that has only gotten one wear so far.

mixed up-1-2

{Top: Target, Blazer: Banana Republic, Skirt. Limited, Belt: Kate Spade, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini, Necklace: Etsy}

Of course I couldn’t just wear the blazer with something plain!! I had to mix it up with some polka dots. What can I say, I love pattern mixing.

On a pretty much unrelated note, I’m trying to decide what dress to make for the November dress.  I know it’s kind of getting down to the wire here, but my plan is to wear it for Thanksgiving.  I had originally plan to make the Ceylon from Colette Patterns in a  plum cotton poplin but I’m just not really feeling it.  I definitely want to use the fabric for this dress, but not that pattern.  I guess I need to decide quickly!!

Part of me wants to do a shirt waist dress…and the other part wants to use the Cambie pattern again(same one I used for the September dress) but change some small details.

Decisions, decisions.



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