Take 2

We are at the time of year around here where the mornings are chilly but then it gets pretty warm in the afternoons(mid-high 70s, often we have the heater on in the morning and the AC in the afternoon).

I anticipated that I would get hot again today so I tried my outfit without tights:


Then I took the girls out for their morning constitutional and it was chilly enough to make me want to try to wear tights.


{Sweater: Loft, Skirt: Made by Me, Shoe #1: Kate Spade, Shoe #2: Enzo Angiolini}

I can’t promise the tights will last all day(I took them off at lunch yesterday haha), but at least they look cute this morning.

I had a huge sewing failure last night.  I was working on something that was to be a Christmas gift and I needed to unpick one tiny seam that was looking a bit wonky…well the fabric RIPPED in my hands.  I’ve never had that happen.  I do think I have enough scrap fabric to re-cut that piece, but I’m not sure if I even still want to make that particular thing with that fabric.  I think I’m going to to make that person something else.  Ugh, it was so weird.

I had planned to sew for a couple of hours but after that happened, I closed up my sewing room and went to hang out with hubby.  I tend to take huge failures as signs I need to leave whatever I’m working on for the night.



2 thoughts on “Take 2

  1. DMgirl says:

    Oh, no about the ripping fabric! When things like that happen to me, I don’t take the hint all of the time and end up having even more failures, so you were probably good to quit where you were.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      hahawell, its something Ive had to learn because I definitely used to want to keep going and more often than not, I would end up ruining what I was working on. So lesson learnedat least take a small break. 🙂

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