Bows and Dots

Today has been a bit of a whirlwind.  After a busy weekend of crafting, cleaning and cooking, I got a text message last night telling me I needed to go to one of our other offices today instead of my normal Monday location.  It’s actually the location I practice at the rest of the week, but it’s definitely different for me to be here on a Monday.  I don’t mind at all, because this office is 30 minutes closer to my house, so it’s like getting an extra hour of my day back today(!)….the only concern I have is patient’s who wanted to see the other doctor getting upset because they have to see me instead.  Oh well though right?

So far no one has been upset at seeing me, but you just never know.

After practical record breaking heat last week, we are now having a few days of cooler weather so I could finally break out the tights(but to be honest, I will probably ditch them for the afternoon after I do my workout).

bowsanddots (1 of 1)

{Dress: Made by Me, Cardigan: Beall’s Outlet, Belt: Kate Spade, Necklace: Maurices, Tights: NY&Co, Shoes: Ross}

Have a fantastic Monday!



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