So, my husband is a bit of a dork(and he will readily admit this) and he loves making silly puns.  Last night I realized I am turning into him while we were watching Once Upon a Time.  For those of you unfamiliar, the show revolves around fairy tale people who have been cursed and stuck in the real world.  BUT, the trick is they cannot leave the town they live in here in the real world or else they have their memory of their fairy tale selves erased forever.

So anyways, I said, I wonder if you wore a portable faraday cage you could pass through the town line unscathed.  Then hubby said, particularly if you had some fairy dust….so then what came out of my mouth next was straight out of his brain, ” A FAIRY-Day cage”

Yes it is official, I am as dorky as my husband.  At least we found each other right? 🙂

That story has really nothing to do with today’s outfit, but I thought it was funny.

Of all the outfit “types” I wear on this blog, “pretty/feminine” outfits are by far my favorite.  And what’s more pretty/feminine than lace/sparkles and a taffeta circle skirt(and bows…always bows with me).

gold (1 of 1)-2

If you remove the sweater you get a slightly different look that would be totally appropriate for any kind of a dressy event or party(maybe with some strappier sandally type shoes though).

gold (1 of 1)-3

{Blouse: Lela Rose for Target, Skirt: WHBM(from a dress), Cardigan: Loft, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini}

I SO want to show you guys some of the cool stuff I’ve been knitting, but unfortunately all of it is for gifts so I won’t be able to show you until after Christmas…:-(  Oh well, at least I’ll have  lots of cool blog posts once we get through Christmas!




6 thoughts on “Gold

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    I have a blouse just like that from New York and Company….so yes I would totally wear this outfit. I also love Once Upon a Time and sometimes I pay more attention to the costumes than the story. Someday….hopefully I will be able to sew like that.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      haha…me too! I am very perplexed by that show in a way though….they spend money creating these gorgeous costumes, hire some well-known actors and then….use the crappiest cheesiest CGI that looks like it comes out of a late 90s B movie. I just don’t get it!! The sets in Storybrooke are fine, but man, when they switch over to fairytale land, everything looks like crap.

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