The October Dress

Happy Monday everyone!  I feel like I didn’t really have a weekend.  My mom and I left very early on Saturday morning and drove up to Athens were I spent most of Saturday and Sunday sitting through a continuing ed conference.  We did have a little time to do some shopping and hanging out, but it was very go-go-go.  Unfortunately we did have to stay through till the very end(5:30pm) and then had a rough time getting out of the parking garage(about 45 minutes to get out), so it wasn’t till after 6 that we were on our way home last night.

It’s about a 4.5 hour or so drive, so with stopping for food+gas, it was nearly 11pm by the time we got to my house(then my mom had to drive another 30 minutes or so to get to her house).

Needless to say I didn’t feel up to putting together a blog worthy outfit+post, so I figured today was as good of a day as any to post my October dress.

I had originally bought the lace for this dress probably last November or December to make an entirely different dress.  I didn’t end up using it for that dress(obviously).  Then I decided to use it to make a dress for my wedding anniversary in July…but then I went another way with that as well.

We had a wedding to attend this month, so I thought, why not use the lace to make a dress for this wedding?  I ended up deciding to make a gown and combined two patterns(with some modifications to both) to make the dress(the skirt/godet/train portion was from a pattern I found at goodwill).

It ended up being way too formal for the wedding I went to, but I plan to wear it again this Christmas when we attend the annual Christmas Symphony.

I’m just warning you, I’m posting a lot of pictures of this dress because I”m pretty proud of it.

I made 1 muslin of the dress and it fit perfectly..somehow in the real dress though, the back was gaping/sagging so I had to add in some darts that aren’t very noticeable.

octoberdress-1-4 octoberdress-1-5


The lace is attached to the underlining on the bodice and loose over the skirt.  I used french seams on the lace overlay of the skirt.  After I got it all together I realized I should have added boning to the bodice, so I took pieces of  ribbon and made casings for my boning stripes which I then hand sewed into the lining to give it extra support.  It didn’t take very long at all.  I also hand hemmed the underskirt because I couldn’t get my invisible hem to look right on my sewing machine.


I wish that I could show you a video of me walking in the dress because that’s where the real beauty is.  It just flows and moves around me feet so beautifully.  The lace overskirt is about 2 inches longer than the underskirt which looks really dramatic and pretty in real life but doesn’t really translate to these photos.

The train in the back is probably my favorite part.  The pattern had you making a much fuller/more dramatic train but I ran out of lace so this is as full/long as I could make it.

octoberdress-1-9 octoberdress-1-8



Making a really weird face here:


Not that you could see them, but I wore my bow high heels.  There were the shoes I wore when I was decided on hem length so I kind of have to wear them every time I wear this dress(or at least shoes of a similar heel height)


And hubby and I together(I had to crop it because he wasn’t wearing shoes haha)


The bride’s color was a deep purple, so knitted her a special cowl in her wedding color that she could wear and remember her wedding.  It was my first time working with a lace pattern and I actually made a mistake throughout which means the pattern didn’t line up at the end(I counted each yarn over as a stitch so I ran out of stitches before I completed the pattern on each row), but it looked okayish…or at least enough that I still gave it to her.

Here’s it is right after I blocked it:

octoberdress-1-3And then on my dress form:


It’s knitted in the round, and the first time I started it, I must’ve twisted my stitches but I didn’t notice till about 30 rows in….so then I had to unravel the whole thing and start again.  Luckily it knitted up really quickly so I was able to finish it in less than a week, with just enough time to block it and wrap it for the wedding.

With Christmas rapidly approaching(seriously how did it get here so quickly?), I am now fully in gift making mode, so I probably won’t be posting that many projects(other than my November and December Dresses) until after Christmas(where they’ll be a flood of project posts).

Have a great week!


16 thoughts on “The October Dress

  1. Sylvie says:

    Looking great! But change the necklace and don`t let your `belt` hanging down, because it`s too much with the pattern and the style of the dress. xoxo Sylvie

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks. I did have qualms about the necklace as well, but it seemed too naked without one and it was really the only one I had that sort of matched…maybe a more delicate gold chain would be better next time?

      I tend to gravitate towards “statement” necklaces so when I have pieces/dresses/shirts that are statements in their own right, I find myself at a loss for what acessories to use…guess this means I need to work on building up a collection of more subtle accessories!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thank you so much! I had lots of fun making it. I can’t wait to wear it again to the symphony in December.

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    Whoa! Seriously! I am in awe…..this dress kicks major butt. If I were you I would create a reason to wear this at least every other month. You are an amazing talent Tamara…just amazing!

  3. Carly says:

    Oh my goodness, this dress is amazing! So beautiful! I have enjoyed looking at all your dresses. Where do you get your fabric?? That is the hardest part of apparel sewing for me – finding the right fabric.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I order most of my fabric from I find they have a good selection and pretty good prices. When I want really nice/fancy fabric and I don’t mind paying a bit extra I also use Mood Fabrics and Gorgeous Fabrics. Very rarely I will find stuff at the chain stores like Hancock or Joann’s. My wal-mart also has fabric and ocassionally I’ll find a really nice piece there.

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