Color Pop

Most of the time, I have a selection of outfits already picked out and hanging together on the left side of my closet from which to choose my daily outfits.  Sometimes though, I feel compelled to wear something else, as was the case today.  I just really wanted to wear my red dress(aka the September dress) with some neutral and leopard accessories.

So there you have it.


{Dress: Made by Me, Cardigan: Limited, Necklace: Target, Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini}

I’m excited today because I finally figured out what I was doing wrong trying to knit lace!  I kept running out of stitches when I tried to follow a pattern.  Turns out I was counting a yarn over as it’s own stitch instead of an addition to the next stitch…which meant every time there was a yarn over in a pattern I used an extra stitch so if there were 3 or 4 every row, I’d wind up 3 or 4 stitches short.  It also explains why the cowl I made as a gift was a little wonky near the ends.

Might sound dumb to you to get so excited, but I seriously probably spent 2-3 hours over the course of the weekend puzzling over why I couldn’t make my stitches work.  Now I’m excited to try some knitting projects that are more involved that just simple knitting and purling!


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