Bow Tied

Last night I successfully made a double welt pocket!  This is kind of a big deal because it’s more of an advanced sewing technique. It’s part of something I’m making as a gift so I can’t show it to you yet, but here’s a picture of what a double welt pocket looks like:



It’s not really that “hard” so much as very technical and you have to be very precise(and a mistake can ruin the whole piece of fabric you’re working on), so I’m very glad to have completed it.

Anyways, it’s still getting quite warm during the day, but there is a slight chill in the mornings and I’m just over a lot of my summery looking clothes.  So, the solution is to where fall colors in lighter layers that allow for highs of 86*F.

{Blouse:Goodwill(originally Loft), Cardigan: J. Crew Factory, Skirt: WHBM, Shoes: Michael Kors}

I don’t think I’ve shared this news yet, but here goes:  My best friend is getting married sometime in the next year(probably March).  She doesn’t want some traditional “white wedding dress” from some crap shop, but she also doesn’t have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on some designer piece.  So, she’s asked me to make her a wedding dress!  WHAT?!!  Seriously, it’s not really going to be that wedding-ish, really more of a cocktail type dress, but wow, I’m really excited to stretch my couture wings.

We ordered a bunch of samples of silks and laces from Mood and they arrived yesterday.  I’m most partial to this gorgeous black/gold lace over a blush/nude charmeuse silk satin but I’ll have to get together with the bride to have her decide what way she wants to go.

Obviously I’d love to do a series about the dress as I’m constructing it, but in order to protect her privacy and that of the gown, I’ll probably end up waiting till AFTER the wedding to post much about it.  But I will keep you updated on the progress, with maybe a few sample pictures.

Happy Hump Day!



4 thoughts on “Bow Tied

  1. DMgirl says:

    How exciting! That is quite a sewing project, but from what I have seen you should do just fine. Looking forward to updates along the way. 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I’m soo excited and a little bit nervous! I’ll probably do about 4-5 muslins just to be absolutely sure I have every step down pat because we’re looking at using $80/yard chantilly lace and $50/yard silk duchess satin(gulp) so there will be NO Room for fabric errors.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thank you so much! I feel very honored that she is trusting me with this!!! I told her making the dress will be my gift to her. If you had told me two years ago that I would start sewing, fall in love and would soon be making a wedding dress I would have NEVER believed you…haha…just shows how much life can change!

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