I wore a uniform in high school.  It was ugly and unflattering, yet somehow today’s outfit reminds me of a school uniform(but in a cute and stylish kind of way).

Ignore my one unpolished finger nail….my polish peeled off that finger and I haven’t yet taken the time to fix it.


{Dress: Made by me, Blouse: WHBM, Cardigan: Gap, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini}

So, this past weekend hubby and I had an actual weekend like normal people do.  I honestly think this may have ben the first weekend in years that we’ve both been off for no big reason.  Hubby works every weekend unless we are traveling out of town or family is visiting.

Other than a friend’s wedding on Saturday evening, we had no specific plans for this past weekend, but hubby decided to take off from work just because.  It was pretty cool to be able to hang out and do stuff together!  On Saturday am, I woke up super early, so I went running and then did my laundry/ironing for the week while hubby slept.  After he got up, we went to breakfast and then spent the day hanging out(him watching movies, me alternating sewing with knitting).

Saturday night we went to the wedding(I’ll have a post with the dress I wore up soon), which was beautiful, and really fun to see because I knew the bride before she met her now-husband so it was cool to be part of her life through the whole relationship.

We got up Sunday morning and met my parents at the running park(dad and I ran, mom walked and hubby biked) and then we all went to breakfast(yup, two days in a row).  After running a few errands, we spent the rest of Sunday pretty much the same as Saturday(only insert football for movies) then went out for dinner on Sunday evening to Jalapeños.

Might sound boring to you, but it was relaxing and fun for me!  Plus it gives me a taste of what life might be like someday when hubby finishes school and can hopefully get a M-F type job.

Anyways, I’ll try to get my life together and get the October dress post up in a little bit(no promises though)



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