The Mustard Pencil

When I first started sewing, it was really hit or miss with whether my projects would be successful or not.  I have come a long way and pretty much all my projects now are finishable/fixable, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have struggles.  I try to finish a project once I start it, but sometimes I end up putting it away for a bit while I work on something else because I’ve gotten to a sticking point.

After I had such success making a navy pencil skirt, I was eager to finally make the mustard pencil skirt I’d been wanting for over a year.  I had purchased enough yardage of some mustard suiting fabric to make both a pencil skirt and a pair of dress pants.

The first issue I had with this skirt is that the so-described “mustard” fabric is a lot more orange than yellow.  It doesn’t look as orange in the photos as it does in real life.  Additionally it is very see-through, and in all honestly, I don’t know if I will end up making pants out of it, because I just think it won’t look right(though I’m considering that if I underlined it, it might work).

Anyways, I used the notes I had made on the fitting of my navy skirt to construct this one, but I must have done something wrong because the back piece was WAY too small.  So, I had to go back to the drawing board.  Then after I got it all together and tried it on, it seemed to be a bit too tight around the thighs.

Out of frustration, I put it aside for a few weeks.  This past Saturday, I went to unpick the seams to increase the size a bit….but then it was way too big.  I don’t know why I thought it was too tight, because I had to re-sew the original seams to get it to fit right.

Then I sewed the lining together at the side seam….and the lining was WAY TOO SMALL.  It caused all this weird pulling.  So I removed the lining and thought maybe I could just wear it without a lining. NOPE, it was to see-through.  Okay, what if I wore it with my spanx shorts…nope you could tell I was wearing shorts.

So then I decided to use a stretchy tricot nylon lining and just hand tack it to the facing.  You could easily see the seams of that lining and it was still too sheer.

I was about to give up, when I decided to head to the store and see if I could find a seamless spanx like slip.  That seems to have mostly worked.  I’m debating on whether to keep the skirt as is, or start over from scratch but underline the mustard fabric.  I don’t know…we’ll see.  For right now, at least the skirt is somewhat wearable.

The good news is that the invisible zipper in put in this skirt is one of the best I’ve ever done. It truly is invisible and blends right into the seam.

My original idea for this outfit was to wear it with my navy blazer, but it just didn’t look right.  The blazer is on the short side and the proportions were all wrong, so I quickly changed it out for my navy striped cardigan.

You can see the placket of my blouse showing through the skirt, which I don’t like, but what are you going to do at this point?


{Blouse: Goodwill(upcycled by me), Skirt: Made by me, Cardigan: J. Crew Factory, shoes: Bakers}

It’s really humid and foggy out today, which explains my crazy frizzy hair.  Luckily this yucky weather is bringing in some cooler temperatures(thankfully because it’s been really hot the past 3-4 days).

I didn’t do the flounce in the back of the skirt like I did with the navy one.  I went with the pleated option, just for difference


By the by, the October dress is completely finished and hanging on my dress form waiting for this weekend where I will be debuting it at a wedding.  I hope to post about it sometime next week!  I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be everyone’s favorite dress for the year.



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