Sometimes less can be more

I tend to be of the opinion that more is more and therefore better.  You know that I love to put together dramatic and sometimes over the top outfits with multiple components.  But sometimes, a simple sheath dress with a few carefully chosen accessories can be just as nice as a complicated multi layered outfit.


{Dress: Target, Belt: Kate Spade, Necklace: Ebay, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini}

So I have to tell you this weird story. If you’re my facebook friend, you’ve already seen it as my status, but if not, read on.

So yesterday hubby and I watched probably 6 episodes of Doctor Who at various times throughout the day.  After we watched the 12 episode of season 6, hubby stated, “I think I’m done with the Doctor for tonight”.  So, he clicked over so we could watch another episode of Once Upon a Time. Well, weirdly enough, the title of the next episode of OUAT was called, “The Doctor”.  WHAT??

That coincidence alone would be enough for you to go, wow, weird, but it actually gets even weirder.  We decided to watch an episode of the Ricky Gervais show Derek.  Derek was perfoming at a talent show for the nursing home residents and decided he was going to do some impressions, so he goes, “I will exterminate you” in the Dalek voice(which for non-whovians, is an alien race on Dr. Who).


In other news, it’s probably fairly obvious that I dyed my hair this weekend.  I went a bit redder than I normally do.  I typically do a mix of an orange based color with a touch of this red+orange based color. This weekend I just used the red+orange based color. I figured it’d be a nice change for fall.  No one at work has said anything so I don’t know if they actually noticed or not.


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