Small Change

Tonight I have another work dinner at one of the fancier downtown restaurants.  After the dinner, most of the staff is planning to go “out” and they’re trying to convince me and another girl(who happens to be my best friend…yup my best friend and I work for the same company…just not at the same location.  I’m actually the one who got her the job) to join them as a bachelorette type party for said best friend(she just got engaged a few weeks ago).

I’m not much of a party/go out person, but I told them I might make a celebrity appearance(one drink then I’m gone haha).

Either way, I wanted an outfit that could fairly easily transition from work to fancy dinner to potential bar/club situation.  I don’t want to have to really change my clothes/bring a separate outfit so I just put together an outfit that I thought was fancy enough for  dinner yet still appropriate for work.

There will be a small change in my shoes, but other than that, what you see is what you’ll get tonight.

small change-1-2

The skirt I’m wearing used to be a dress(you’ve seen me wear it as a skirt before).  I got the dress at WHBM and I loved it in theory. The skirt portion you can obviously see above, and the bodice was a white silk v-neck with ruffles.  The problem was, the ruffles were too big and never would lay right.  I only wore it as a dress one time!  Every other time, I ended up tucking the bodice into the skirt and wearing it as a skirt.  Finally I decided I was never going to wear it as a dress and I turned the dress into a skirt.  I re-used the zipper and other than the time spend unpicking the bodice from the skirt, putting it back together as a skirt took very little time.

Are you LOVING the blazer?  I picked it up a week or so ago from Banana using a Discover cash back reward gift card.  It’s a double knit ponte so it’s super comfy. The only complaint I have on it is that the stripes don’t line up perfectly at all the seams(something I would have tried to do if I had been making it myself).

And here’s the shoes I’ll be wearing tonight:

small change-1-3

{Blouse/Skirt: WHBM, Shoe #1: Enzo Angiolini, Shoe #2: DSW(old), Blazer: Banana Republic}

So I started knitting a cowl IN THE ROUND!  And it’s not just a knit/purl pattern either.  I’m doing k2tog and yo’s and ssk’s and everything!  For you non-knitters that means this cowl, if it works out, will have a pretty lacy pattern.  I’m hoping to give it as a gift in the very near future!!

ps-I have still been sewing even if you haven’t seen that many new projects.  I have a mustard pencil skirt that’s about 90% done(but it’s a little tight so I have to let out the seams) and the October dress is also almost complete. Plus I’ve made a few blankets to go with my baby covers.  I promise soon I’ll have some new sewing projects to show off.



6 thoughts on “Small Change

  1. DMgirl says:

    Beautiful blazer! I have seen many items, not cheap either, that have stripes and they are not lined up at the seams. I try so hard to get them lined up when I sew, even if sometimes unsuccessfully. It kind of bugs me. Lovely, outfit for a day into night. 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      It’s hard to get stripes to line up perfectly but I do try to get them as close as possible. but these stripes definitely could be better lined up. OH well, it’s not like anyone other than seamstresses like us would noticehaha

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    Can’t wait to see the new stuff! Love the shoes 🙂 I am happy to see that you are getting lots of wear out of your new is definitely you! What you did to that dress…..turning it into a skirt…altered couture, that is the reason I am teaching myself (slowly) to sew. I really want to do that and thank you for being a daily inspiration!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I’m going to be wearing this bracelet almost everyday. I just love it so much. For the most part, I do not like altering already made clothes. I would honestly rather make something from scratch than to turn one thing into another thing. But I know there are a lot of blogs dedicated to “making over clothing”, and I’m always impressed when people do those up-cycles. I am sure you’ll do really well at it. It’d definitely a good skill to have. I am just not always patient enough to unpick stitches/re-sew waistbands

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