Fall Colors

I’m back from my little trip!  On Saturday evening I went over to my parents house and spent the night.  Dad and I got up on Sunday, packed the car and headed down to spend the rest of Sunday/Monday camping and mountain biking at Hanna Park in Jacksonville.

We had a great time riding all the different trails(even the expert one) and left with only minor scrapes and bruises. We each had one wipe-out(and funnily enough, both were on the easiest of the 4 trails).

I’m actually pretty sore today(my back feels like I did a hard core workout at the gym), but feeling good.  I love mountain biking so much!  It was nice to see that our skills quickly came back(we used to mountain bike at a trail almost weekly when we lived in Ft. Myers, but haven’t been in awhile now).

I think it also helped that we have both gotten legit mountain bikes since our last trip to Hanna Park(we had  walmart specials last time).

This morning when I woke up and took the girls out it was a bit chilly out!  I had originally planned to wear this outfit with my mint cardigan, but that felt too springy for the coolness in the air(though it will be in the mid-80s by this afternoon ha), so I switched it for this mustardy-olive colored one.


{Blouse: WHBM, Cardigan: J Crew Outlet, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Ross}

Ps-I left my wedding ring at my parents house on accident this weekend, but I’ll be getting it back in a few days…didn’t want anyone to think I wasn’t wearing it on purpose or something like that!



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