Sewing Room Reveal!!

I would have posted this yesterday, but I thought I left my memory card at home(turns out I didn’t, but didn’t feel like blogging last night).

Anyways, I cleaned up my sewing room this weekend after finish my EIGTH baby car seat cover(just need to make the matching blankets and then I can finally start selling them) and I decided it was time to FINALLY take pictures so that you guys can see this room I’ve been talking about for, oh, almost 10 months now.

When I started sewing, I just had a small desk set up in the corner of the man-cave/bonus room. This past January, hubby and I decided to turn our extra guest room into an official sewing room so that I wouldn’t be taking over the man-cave anymore(plus I’d have more space for projects).

View from the door:


The main feature of the room is a work station/cutting table/storage unit that hubby and I made together.


We took two base kitchen cabinets and painted them white/added hardware.  Then hubby attached them back to back and added feet(that I had painted white as well).  We glued beadboard to the sides to cover up the seams of the cabinets as well as make it look like it’s all one “piece”.  The topper is a piece of plywood with trim added around the sides that I stained.  We put it together in the room, and it’s not removable without tearing it apart, so it will either be sold with the house someday or we will have to take it out in pieces.

In the back right corner I have one window.  I store my dress form as well as a small jewelry stand I got on craig’s list and re-finished that I use to store odds and ends.


I have my ironing board along the back wall, as well as the art work my sister made me for my birthday.  I use the chalk board to make notes about my current projects and the bulletin board to tack on whatever pattern I’m working on for easy reference.  I bought an extra wide ironing board at Wal-Mart that I leave up all the time(we have another one in the laundry room for regular ironing).


The left wall stores my fabric as well as another work surface(that is almost always piled with stuff…haha).  I use the expedit book shelf from Ikea with bins from Lowes that I labeled with scrapbook paper/stickers for the different color families of my fabrics.  This wall also has my kitchsy ikea eye chart lamp(how could I NOT own this lamp..haha)


The bins on top store up-coming projects or projects I’m currently ruminating over.


My sewing desk with my sewing machine and serger are along the right wall. I ordered the desk from Wal-Mart and it’s fantastic.  If I want, it folds up into a small nightstand looking thing(not that I have ever done it or plan to do it).  The dress form painting collage is a conglomeration of my own paintings+one I purchased.

I found the middle painting on clearance at Marshall’s.  I thought it would be perfect for my sewing room, so I bought it.  A few weeks later, I was delighted to come across a pin on pinterest that showed my painting was part of a collection!  I used the pin to paint my own versions on the smaller canvases.  I think they look pretty legit don’t you?


I love my sewing room!  It’s nice to have my own “space” to work, and I love being able to shut the door on the mess when I’m done sewing for the night(when I was in the bonus room, I used to have to clean up every night; it was a pain).

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my sewing room!  I’ll be back in a bit with an outfit post.



8 thoughts on “Sewing Room Reveal!!

  1. kittehluvs says:

    Great space! my sewing area is part of the “man cave”/hubby’s clothing room and it’s a mess. I need some awesome shelves like yours. Thanks for giving me some ideas!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Haha…yes, the expedit shelves are great for storing fabric. Even when I had my space in the man-cave, I still had those shelves in the room that is now my sewing room.

  2. DMgirl says:

    I also have a shared sewing room. It’s the sewing/school/computer/exercise room. So, basically I have a sewing corner, which is much better than having nothing at all. It makes it so nice to have everything somewhat set up. That workstation table you have is great!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thats; definitely a multi-purpose room! When we were planning on my sewing room we almost combined it with our office/gym space, but I told hubby there’s not much point in moving it from the man-cave to another shared space because that wouldn’t give me any more flexibility/space to move(which is what I wanted). It turned out to be a good idea because hubby started working from home in March and he needed the office/gym space to become his home office!

  3. Andi says:

    I’m always in awe of your sewing skills and now I’m jealous of your fabulous sewing room, too! I really want to get better at sewing and I think having a work space would really help. I’ll have to start brainstorming ideas!!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I definitely think having a good work space is very important in growing your skills. It’s so much easier to go into the sewing room and work and that translates into me spending more time sewing which increases my skills. The only time I miss my old sewing spot is sometimes in the evenings when I would like to sew, but also spend time with my hubby in the man cave. When that happens though, I usually just go hang out with him and do some knitting or hand sewing.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thank you so much! I do love having my own “space”. I’m very blessed/lucky that we had the extra room that we could convert into my sewing studio.

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