Rest Easy

Last night I received a call that my brother-in-law had been in a pretty serious car accident….but by the Grace of God, he walked away unscathed(save for a few bruises).  He was going through an intersection when someone hit him on the passenger side and he ended up going into a 13 foot ditch.  My sister was right behind him in her car so she witnessed the whole thing.  I cannot even imagine what went through her mind.  I’m so grateful that she wasn’t in the car with him or this might have been a very different post.

My sister told me that the tow truck guy that took their car told them he had been at a similar accident the week before and the guy had died, so you can imagine how grateful we are that my BIL is fine.  We don’t know yet what will happen to their car(if it can be fixed versus having it totaled).  I just hope it works out in whatever way is best for them and how they want.

Unfortunately the wreck means they won’t be able to visit this weekend like they had planned :-(, but it’ll probably be good for them to just relax and recover at their house.

Anyways, it feels a bit weird to transition from that to my normal type of post, but….here we go.

I seem to really struggle with knowing when I need to take a rest and when I need to push myself through a period of laziness or complacency.  This is true both in my fitness as well as my doing “stuff” around the house(craft projects, sewing , ect).  This past week I’ve just felt blah and a bit tired.  I’ve also had a more “going on” than I normally do(business meeting on Wednesday night, business lunch yesterday, employee leaving lunch today and then drinks after work for said employee that’s leaving).  I’ve only gotten in about 2 workouts and I haven’t done any sewing.

I hope this little break will leave me refreshed and ready to get back into things!

Because of my rest/laziness feeling, I went with a really simple and comfortable outfit.  I’m even wearing flats(what what?!)


{Sweater/Skirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Sears}

Are you doing anything exciting or fun for the labor day weekend?  We’re spending part of it at home doing our normal weekend things and then heading over to hang out with my parents and grandparents for Sun/Monday.

Have a safe and happy weekend!



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