I like navy

It’s funny how BIG a color navy seems to be lately.  I remember when I worked at Ann Taylor a billion years ago and some ladies came in looking for navy clothing but it was not available in any store.  Now, every store has tons of navy.

I’m not complaining mind you, because I love navy(as I’m sure you have figured out by how frequently I wear navy).  In fact, the August dress is 98% done(planning to wear it tomorrow) and it is partially navy(and nautical, which is my other favorite love).

I also love pattern mixing(you already knew that though too) so it wasn’t much of  a stretch to pair my navy polka dot skirt with my navy stripe top.


{Top: Ann Taylor Factory, Skirt: Target, Belt/Necklace: WHBM, Shoes: Rack Room}

Believe it or not, these are my leftover curls from yesterday!  The only thing I did differently is after I curled each piece, I twisted it until it cooled off then ran my fingers through it to loosen the curl, but apparently that was enough to keep my curls in place while I slept!


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