Quick and Easy

Yesterday afternoon we received a call that after almost 6 weeks, my car was finally finished and ready to be picked(just in time too since hubby starts back to school on Monday).   There was a small kerfuffle regarding the payment for the car by my insurance company, but after that got straightened out, we were told we could pick up the car this morning!

In order to have enough time to drive to the body shop, get the car, then drive to work, hubby and I had to leave the house extra early this morning.  What better day to throw on an easy outfit with a quick hairstyle?

I really liked the look of layering a sleeveless blouse under a sleeveless dress(seen here), so I decided to try it again today, just with a different dress/blouse.

The lady at the body shop and the breakfast place both complimented my “Look” so I’m taking that as a win. Actually, the breakfast place lady kept saying how she wanted a dress like mine….maybe I should have told her I made it(it’s the January Dress btw) and she could pay me to make her one too?


{Dress: Made by Me, Blouse: Ann Taylor, Belt: WHBM, Necklace: Ebay, Shoes: Ross(?, they’re olllllld)

Hubby and Dad are going to a men’s conference tonight, so Mom is coming over to hang out with me and have a girls night. We’ll probably do some knitting, maybe some sewing and just general hanging out.



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