Mint and Mustard

Horrible sounding flavor combination, but a great color combination in my opinion!

Most of the time, I do my outfit planning while I’m putting away my freshly ironed clothes. Typically, I’ll see a few pieces hanging next to each other that will spark an idea for an outfit and once the creative juices get flowing, I go to town picking out different outfits.  Today’s outfit is no exception.  A few weeks ago while I was putting away my ironing I noticed my mint/aqua sweater looked really nice with my mustard full skirt.

Because I had a lot going on with the mustard+mint+gingham+statement necklace I decided to keep the shoes very neutral.


And just because, with the petticoat(which I admit is more fun but I didn’t wear it like this today because it seems too over the top, even for me)


Also, I have purchased mustard suiting fabric with the plan to make both a mustard pencil skirt(!!) and mustard trousers.  So, you will probably basically see this outfit again but with a slightly different bottom piece.  It’s a totally different outfit if you change the silhouette of one of the pieces right?

So, last night I FINISHED my first knitting project.  It’s a doggy-sweater and I kind of made it with Aspen in mind, but it ended up fitting Lili a lot better(Lili is shorter and smaller, but fatter than Aspen. It was a little short and wide on Aspen).

Obviously it’s way too hot for sweaters right now, but I’m sure Lili will get good use out the sweater come winter(since she’s always cold in the winter but refuses to go under a blanket).




I started knitting it on Friday night while watching TV with hubby and I only worked on it for a bit each day, so not too bad timing wise right?  I’m just happy to have officially completed a knitting project!  I’m already hard at work on a new project, which is something for me.  I’d share it with you, except it’s so cute that I”m going to also be making it as a gift for some of my family for Christmas so I kind of have to keep a secret for now.

I have some gorgeous crimson red yarn that I’m planning to use to make Gracie a sweater with as well.  I think the dark red will look so good against her black hair.  I have enough of the purple left that I can probably make Aspen another sweater that fits her better; then she and Lili can be twins.

I may or may not make Bailey a sweater.  It’s not that I don’t want to, but she is a little hot box and rarely needs any kind of additional warmth(I swear that dog was made to live in Alaska or something).


4 thoughts on “Mint and Mustard

    • guitargrl325 says:

      It took me about 6 re-do’s before I finally got a groove and made the sweater btw, if that makes you feel any better about your own knitting!! haha

  1. DMgirl says:

    Oooh, a dog sweater would be a great first project. It looks good. And I like the way mint and mustard look on you. I don’t think I could pull the two off, especially not the mint. 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Yes, a dog sweater is a great first project because, at least for my dogs, it’s small so it knits up pretty quickly and the pattern I followed was very simple with minimal skills required…haha.

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