Casual Friday

Thank you all so much for you wonderful comments on my suit!  I’m glad you liked it(or at least pretended to).  Sometimes I do worry that I have some sort of “blinders” on and I think my sewing creations are awesome when they really look like crap.

Anyways, last Friday I told you how I attempted to do a more Casual Friday type look that was a TOTAL bust so I went the opposite and dressed up really nicely.  Well, today I tried again with the casual vibe and I definitely did better.  Now, this isn’t one of those amazing outfits that everyone will comment on and use as inspiration but it is what I wore today to work and I do try to keep it real on here so….

Also, awkward posing ahead.


And just for fun, I switched out the shoes for some leopard pumps to make it slightly dressier(but believer me, I’m wearing the boat shoes today).


{Shirt: Target, Cardigan: Maurices, Necklace: F21, Skirt: WHBM, Belt: Gap, Sperry’s:, Pumps: Michael Kors}

Yay Friday!  Among my normal weekend chores, I’m hoping to start the August Dress(I’m deciding between a nautical print shirt dress or a black eyelet dress) as well as make a muslin for one of the gifts I will be giving at Christmas this year.

Have a fantastic weekend!


6 thoughts on “Casual Friday

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! It’s(my hair) kind of based on a tutorial from Kate at the SMall Things blog. I’ve sort of “made it my own”, but it started off as inspired by her.

  1. Iva says:

    what a lovely top, goes so well with the pearl necklace! It’s lovely to see someone wearing pearls nowadays 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Why thank you! I feel like I’ve finally “conquered” my hair and now know how to style it properly. Kate of the Small things blog is where I get a lot of my “hair inspiration”. her tutorials are great.

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