As I’ve mentioned many times before, I usually pick out my clothes at least 1-2 weeks in advance, and hang them together in my closet so that dressing in the mornings is really easy.  I just pick the day’s outfit out of the choices I’ve already put together.  Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards the simple looks for Monday mornings.

I’m not sure why, but it probably has something to do with staying so busy during the weekend and the fact that my longest commute is on Mondays(which also means I leave my house earlier on Mondays than the rest of the week).

Today I went really simple with a monochromatic color palette, pony-tail and simple makeup.


{Sweater: Banana Republic, Skirt: Limited, Bracelet/Necklace: Loft, Shoes: Kate Spade}


Messy pony-tail!

I got a little sun this weekend(if you couldn’t tell from the pics).  Hubby and I went to the pool for a bit on Sunday.  We are both so fair that we can’t stay very long, but we do like to go down and swim a few laps.

This past weekend was probably my most productive sewing weekend ever.  I finished two baby covers(and by finished, I mean they were both about 90% done.  All I needed to do was construct the lining of the canopy, attach it to the minky outside and add the elastic to the seat cover).  That brings me to 6 covers total.  I only need to make 2 more(plus blankets) to have enough products to open my Etsy shop!!

In addition to the covers, I drafted a pattern for a full circle and half-circle skirt for my mom.  I used the half circle pattern to make her a skirt(it’s all done, as in she could wear it to work tomorrow).  I also constructed a muslin of a bodice for a dress she wants me to make.

Let me just pause a minute and say, modern patterns have WAY too much ease in them for cripes sake.  This dress was technically(according to the envelop measurements) 2 sizes too small for her.  I made it anyways because I wanted to see how it fit before I did any grading.  Well, it’s about 3″ too big on her so I have to cut out a smaller size.

I very rarely end up making the pattern that corresponds to the measurements on the envelope.

Anyways, I also started a dress for my sister and got the bodice pieces all sewed together and pressed last night.  It’s the Cambie pattern from Sewaholic and I’m doing it in a black and white stripe sateen.  She’s going to look so awesome in it!

I also got the suit jacket out that I started back in June and got it about 95% finished.  I just need to hand sew the bottom of the lining to the jacket and add buttons(and then make the matching skirt).  It’s looking really good. AND the pattern is rated as ADVANCED!!  Not only that, but I had purchased the wrong size in this pattern, so I had to grade it down about 8 inches.  I’d definitely rate it as a success(and I only had to make 1 muslin to get it to fit properly) considering I’m just coming up on my 2nd anniversary of sewing in December.


In addition to all the sewing, I also cleaned the bathrooms, got groceries and cooked meals, did my laundry and ironing, worked out a few times, and cleaned/organized my sewing room.

I know for some people, all that work sounds like a nightmare of a weekend, but for me it was awesome!  I thrive on completing lots of projects.

In the knitting realm, I did finally figure out the purl stitch as well as casting off, so I started my first official project.  It’s a really simple little dog sweater.  It’s going okay, but I do keep missing stitches or something because I have quite a few holes.  I’m planning to just sew them together with a needle and thread when I finish.  You have to start somewhere right?

I do need to make or buy some sort of knitting storage/travel bag because I’m using one of those reusable grocery bags right now and not only is it disorganized, but my needles keep poking through.  I saw a roll up needle holder at Wal-mart that I’m going to use as an inspiration to make my own(but I need to find some sort of vinyl fabric to line where the needles go so they don’t poke through!)

Have a great week!




4 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Rejoice For The Day says:

    A great weekend! I have seen a few of the ‘Cambie’ dresses online and I would really like to try and make one. Looks like you are doing very well for only being two years into sewing. I just started doing a ‘dress a month’ project and I like it because it will help me with my sewing skills. So far one month in and I am learning lots already! I am too busy to take up knitting, but it is on my list as well. I think the dog sweater is a great start. 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I honestly never thought I would get into knitting. I don’t like things that look homemade and most knitted stuff I had previously seen looked homemade and old-fashioned(and not in the cool vintage way). But then I started reading this blog and I saw some of the sweaters she had knitted that were awesome and looked store bought….so I had my mom teach me the basics and now I’m just using internet tutorials to learn more. I’m sure it’s like sewing, you learn as you go along. I know I certainly have learned so many things about sewing just by doing it. It’s like learning a new language sometimes!

      So far, the cambie is going well. It’s quite an easy pattern. The only weird part to me is the gathered skirt…..the back portion of the skirt is TWICE as wide as the front…I guess so you get more gathers in the back and it’s poofier back there as opposed to the front? I’m not sure and I didn’t know if I would like that look, so I drafted my own gathered skirt that I know works for my sister(it’s the same size as another dress’s skirt I’d made for her before).

      I do probably spend close to 20-25 hours/week sewing so I do have to attribute that to my fairly quick progress in sewing skills over the past 2 years. Plus I come from a long line of seamstresses(my grandma’s used to make all their families clothes. I even have some of my grandma’s vintage patterns from the 60s/70s).

  2. lindsayliving says:

    Wow! You were productive! That jacket is so adorable, too. I love the cut and it looks like the fabric has a great texture, is that right? I wish I had made more time to sew this summer, but I’ve been so busy working my summer job that I haven’t had the time. Boo. I love your simple outfit and those KSNY heels are to die for.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      The fabric is a polyester with a hint of stretch. It has a very nice feel, particularly now that it’s all interfaced and lined and stuff. It feels “legit” or something if you know what I mean.

      I got the heels from Nordstrom’s last summer during a final sale clearance and I just love them! I wish they were a bit more comfortable, but the sacrifices you must make for style.

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