Stripes and Florals

I sort of slept in today(by my standards, my husband certainly wouldn’t consider it sleeping in haha), which is incredibly rare for me.  I am definitely an early bird.  I still had plenty of time to get ready before work, but I did cut my morning routine down a bit by not curling my hair like I planned.  Luckily my hair was still pretty smooth and straight(thanks kiehls!) so it didn’t take much to get it under control.

When I put this outfit on this morning, I thought about adding a necklace but didn’t want to compete with the bow at the neck.  Seeing these pictures though, it feels like something is missing.  Like somehow the outfit is incomplete.  I think I need a small delicate necklace to wear in times like this.  I pretty much only have statement necklaces.  Sometimes you need something less intense though.


{Blouse: Banana Republic, Sweater: Limited, Skirt: Made by Me, Shoes: Rack Room}

You guys, I totally SUCK at knitting.  I can’t even get more than 10 or so rows before I completely screw everything up and have to start over(and the ten or so rows I’ve made are NOT even).  And I’m tearing my hair out over here learning to purl stitch.  I’ve watched three different videos and I still seem to be doing it wrong.

I will persevere though, because I have visions of knitting really awesome sweaters(I saved a bunch to my ravelry library) when I’m just chilling around the house with  hubby.

I guess I half hoped/expected to have a bit of natural talent with knitting since I seem to have some natural sewing ability.  Obviously NOT!  Oh well, it’ll just make the journey to becoming proficient that much more rewarding.



8 thoughts on “Stripes and Florals

  1. Louise Beckett says:

    Love the outfit, Tamara, but you are right…a delicate necklace would enhance it…perhaps a gold cross? Knitting, since we are cleaning out the attic I have loads of craft and knitting books so I planned on asking your mom if she wanted any of them. Perhaps you might be interested. I used to knit sweaters, etc. Once made the boys and myself all sweaters alike (back in the 60’s).

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I actually have seen a delicate necklace that has a small bow on it by Kate Spade(not that it has to be Kate Spade but something like that).

      I would love to look at your knitting books! I’m sure mom and I can share them. I eventually want to get to the point where I can make a sweater. I joined a website called ravelry that has all sorts of patterns(tons of which are free) so my first project I’m going to tackle is a dog sweater. It looks simple enough. I finally got the purl stitch this afternoon as well as how to cast off, so I’m pretty excited.

      Sewing will always be my first love. There’s nothing that would replace it, but it will be nice to have something crafty to work on that’s portable so that I can stay occupied in the evenings while Alain and I watch TV. Plus it will compliment my sewing. Some day I hope to wear a dress I made with a cardigan I knitted!

      I really am turning into you aren’t I?? 🙂

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    I took a knitting class two weeks ago and remember nothing! My aunt is an amazing knitter so I am lucky to have her to show me whenever I get stuck….which is a lot! Since I can’t talk or look away when I am attempting to knit, maybe I can work a little meditation into it… theory. Good luck!

  3. alphachick17 says:

    Love the outfit, and the pop of color that the sweater brings! I recently started a blog about how many outfits you can find with the same wardrobe pieces. I would love your input. Its at ~ Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. heidi says:

    tamara, i had this SAME thought not too long ago… wanting to have some sort of chain or ‘everyday’ simple necklace to wear when whatever outfit i was wearing didn’t work with a bigger, statement necklace. i really like lisa leonard’s jewelry if you want to take a look at her site! i won a giveaway to her site and redeemed it for a silver chain with a little teardrop pendant on it with my initial, i think it’s cute + it has some meaning. 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      What I really want is this delicate Kate Spade necklace that is just a small chain with a silver bow on it, but I will check out that site and see if they have something similar!

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