Pink and Navy

Monday…really?  I mean seriously where did the weekend go??

I had a pretty great weekend, how about you?  Saturday was spent doing chores, then getting all dressed up and heading to mom and dad’s to drop off the girls before going to church and then onto celebrate our anniversary at 45 Bistro.  We enjoyed a fabulous meal(I wore the June Dress in case anyone was wondering) and some great wine before coming home and crashing into bed.

I woke up early on Sunday and went running with my dad.  After a big breakfast and some cleaning up, mom and I went fabric shopping while the boys went computer shopping.  Mom bought some different fabrics for me to make her some dresses/skirts and I got some supplies so that she could teach me how to knit.

Yup, I sorta, kinda learned the basics about knitting yesterday.  Eventually I want to be able to knit sweaters. And not loose obviously homemade knitted sweaters, but a tight cable knit or something similar that looks like I bought it at a store.  I completely suck at knitting right now, but I remember I used to completely suck at sewing(couldn’t even sew a straight line to save my life).  It’s nice to have a quite/portable craft because I can’t exactly cart my sewing machine around with me, but I can bring knitting stuff with me when I travel.  It’ll also be nice to have a craft to keep my hands occupied(as opposed to fiddling with my iPad) while I’m watching tv with the hubby in the evenings.

We came home in the late afternoon and I spent the rest of Sunday cooking, doing laundry, doing a workout and finally a manicure.

My manicure is combination of navy/pink/white and when I did it, I did not even realize that the outfit I had picked out for today was navy/pink/white!


{Dress: Goodwill(originally Target), Blouse: Talbots, Shoes: Limited, Necklace: Banana Republic}

Have a great day!




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