Nautical Day #3

Today’s look may be the most nautical of all the looks I’ll be showing this week because I’m wearing my boat shoes! Boat shoes make any outfit nautical right?


{Dress worn as skirt/Blazer: Gap, Blouse: Thrifted and upcycled(Brooks Brothers originally),Shoes: Sperry’s via}

I had not shown a close up of the manicure that kind of inspired this week of nautical looks because it didn’t turn out as nicely as I wanted but I had a request to show it, so here it is:


The base color on all the nails is a gel and the decorations are regular polish.  I free-handed the stripes and used a stamp for the anchor(which smudged a bit after I added a top coat).  I based it on a manicure I saw on Pinterest.

I still have NO information about my car yet. Hubby is going to spend the day pressuring the insurance company to make some decisions.  His car was fixed yesterday(cracked windshield) so that’s great….but unfortunately the way the crack was, it’s still visible though no longer a weak point.  Oh well, it beats having to pay for a new windshield, particularly considering we may end up having to pay our deductible to get my car fixed(I think the person that hit me has some fly-by-night fake insurance based on the fact that I tried to google said insurance and it didn’t even have a website)!



10 thoughts on “Nautical Day #3

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! We finally found out last night that the reason everything was at a stand-still is that the police copied down the driver’s insurance information completely wrong and they’ve just now got it all sorted out. I hope that soon we will know something!

  1. Laura says:

    Thank you for sharing your manicure! It looks really lovely, I’m so rubbish at painting my nails and they’re always just one colour, but I like to see how other people do their nails! I love all your nautical looks so far!
    Thanks again 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I used to be total crap at painting my nails, so I used to never do it. But then, when I got out of optometry school and I was working professionally, I decided I wanted my nails to look nice, so I started painting them. They were horrid at first, but I got better each time and my hand got steadier. It’s still a lot harder to paint my right hand(since I’m right-handed), but I get better each time I do it.

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    I hope you don’t have to pay your deductible….that would be sad. Your hair looks nice straight, I like it! The manicure is amazing, you are so creative…how did you end up an eye doctor? I always wanted to ask you that.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks, I used to wear it straight all the time because I couldn’t really figure out how to properly curl it and make it last, but now that I’ve got the curl thing all figured out, I tend to wear it curly more often than not. It is quicker to wear it straight though!

      From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. I used to check out medical text books from the library and my Christmas lists usually contained medical type toys. After I developed my phobia of vomiting(in Jr. high), I knew that I probably couldn’t make it through med school and the different internships that would expose me to vomiting. So then I decided I would become a pharmacist because that would still put me in medicine but without the risk of having to deal with vomiting patients.

      I went to school fully anticipating doing a pre-pharm degree and then got scared of organic chemistry so I changed, Of all things, to education! Then I broke up with my boyfriend and moved back home to go to a local school. Because of my last-minute decision to leave one school for another, I had to take a semester off of classes. I ended up getting a job at an optical working as a receptionist.

      I worked there for 6 months before starting school again in a pre-med/pre-pharm track. Eventually, I decided to go to optometry school because I enjoyed what I did and learning from the doctor I worked for. After graduation, I got scared and decided to try getting a master’s in microbiology. I went to MUSC for 1 semester towards a masters and realized that optometry was the way for me to go. With one day to apply to school for the coming year, I applied to three schools, went to only 1 interview(though I was offered interviews at all the schools I applied to) and somehow knew I would get in.

      This was around the end of March 2006. My (now husband)boyfriend and I got engaged for the second time(we had broken up right before I went to MUSC) and planned our wedding in 3 months. We got married in July 2006 and I started school two weeks later.

      Afterwards, my grandpa told me my great-grandpa(ie, his dad) had been an optometrist in the 30s!

      Do I win for longest comment reply ever?

      • dragonflyzia says:

        Ding,ding,ding we have a winner folks!!!! Longest reply ever reward goes to….just kidding. Well now I know. I have met some really great people in this business and I have met a few of the craziest/unbelievable people as well. It’s a fine line I swear. Usually the accounts from the south are super sweet and some of the ones from Florida scare the heck out of me…you qualify for happy to have met…sort of. 🙂

      • guitargrl325 says:

        Are you in the eye care industry as well? Or are you referring to the blogosphere and other bloggers? I’m not technically from Florida though, just lived there so that’s probably why I’m “normal” or “more normal” than others from Fl.

      • dragonflyzia says:

        I work in a lab and we don’t have any accounts in Georgia, so It’s a safe bet that our optical paths have never crossed. It’s a crazy business for sure…the lab side of it anyway. 🙂

      • guitargrl325 says:

        That is crazy that we work in the same industry(sort of). Small world right? Now you have me wondering what lab you work for! We use mostly Southern and Co-Optics, and I have NO idea where they are located. I don’t really get involved in the lab side of things since I don’t own the practice and the owners/opticians facilitate all the orders/lab dealings. The only ordering I do is for RGP’s and I order those directly from ABB so I never deal with the lab at all.

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