Nautical Week

I was pretty productive this weekend.  I finished the July dress(yay!)….and then I went and  finished the dress that was the original July dress that I thought I hated. Turns out, once I took the sleeves off and took the sides in a bit, I didn’t hate it so much.

Yesterday was the hubby and my 7th wedding anniversary.  Now, we already have plans to go out this coming Saturday with my folks(it’s kind of a tradition), but we didn’t want our anniversary to go by without any sort of celebration(plus I didn’t really feel like cooking my own anniversary dinner after cooking our lunches/breakfasts for the week).  I had been given a gift card to a local restaurant back when I did my speech to the Rotary club, so we decided to use that.

Of course, I decided on Sunday morning that I’d like to wear a new dress to our little dinner date, but I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to start one from scratch.  I figured I could probably finish the original July dress(seen here on my dress form) and wear that.  Since both the original July dress and the “new” July dress were both nautical-eque, I decided to do a nautical like manicure.  That got me inspired to do a whole week of nautical “looks”.

So, this whole week I’ll be doing a Nautical Theme in each of my daily outfit looks. Today I’m starting with the original July dress, which yes I wore to dinner last night and then to work today.  Look, I only had it on for about 2 hours last night and I didn’t sweat so to me that’s worth a second wear!

How I wore it last night(ignore the bit of deodorant you can see under my right arm):


I thought I had enough of the fabric left to make a coordinating sash, but apparently I used it all because I had nothing left.  This sash is from the very first dress I ever made, and luckily it matches perfectly.

I tried very hard to make sure the stripes lined up and I did a pretty good job, except for the left waist dart which is a little off.  Here’s a peek at the back(sorry for the crappy quality, the flash only half went off so the picture was really dark and I enhanced it a bit, but still crappy):


For work today, I switched out the heels for my adorable navy stripe flats and my navy blazer.


{Dress/Sash: Made by Me, Blazer: Thom Browne for Target, Shoes: Macys, Necklace: F21}

Now, this dress that I almost threw away is one of the favorites I’ve ever made.  The bodice fits perfectly without being too tight in the waist even after I eat(this is actually an issue I have haha).  And the fabric that was too thin and drapey is now lined and feels so much more solid.  You’ll probably be seeing this dress on a fairly frequent rotation now that it’s made.

So this morning as I’m driving to work(in hubby’s car since mine is still at the tow place waiting on the insurance adjuster) a rock flew off a truck and cracked the windshield.  It’s the universe trying to tell me something??


4 thoughts on “Nautical Week

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I’ll post a picture on todays’ post! They didn’t turn out quite as nicely as I wanted them to, which is why I didn’t originally post a pic, but I’ll do it today.

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