Finally Friday

I don’t know about you guys, but after this past week, I’m incredibly grateful that Friday is here.  Still no word on the car/accident/ect.  The police report wasn’t ready yesterday, but I hope to pick it up today so that maybe we can get things moving along.  Even though we are so lucky that hubby works from home and doesn’t technically need a car right now, I don’t like him not having any kind of transportation in case one of the dogs got sick or he had an emergency.


{Dress worn as Skirt/Belt: WHBM, Top: Old Navy, Shoes: Payless}

Here’s to a great weekend!



6 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. Michelle says:

    Your recent car issue brings back an annoying memory when about a year ago, my hubby and I were returning from a Coldplay concert here in Tampa and we were hit by an uninsured motorist. Totally his fault because we were rear-ended. Fortunately it wasn’t bad but it cost $2K to fix our car. $1K out of pocket for the deductible and the other $1K from our insurance company. The FHP let the guy go on the night of the accident. Not surprising that 6 months later the Muppet that hit our car filed a claim against our insurance company!!! Fortunately, they told him to go and pound sand. 🙂 But still, how cheeky of him when he rightfully should have been arrested for driving without valid insurance.

    Very cool outfit as always. Have a chill weekend and good luck with the insurance stuff.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Ugh, that SUCKS! My MIL was hit by an un-insured driver once and it was a huge hassle. Luckily the driver that hit me was insured so my insurance will be chasing them down to pay for everything. I just almost hope that the car will be totaled and I have to get a new one because it’s going to be such a fight to get everything repaired properly.

      I know that the adjuster will come out and approve X number of charges or pieces and then when the shop actually starts working on it, it’ll turn out the adjuster missed a piece and then it will require the adjuster to come back out and re-evaluate the situation. I had a stereo stolen out of a car, and the thief took the whole center console with them so getting that replaced was a ginormous hassle(the adjuster didn’t order everything the car needed and we had to reapply for new stuff) and I’m certain with a repair of the magnitude I need, it will be even worse.

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