Day to Night

I’ll be the first to admit that I live a pretty boring life(at least when it concerns activities outside of the house).  Both hubby and I are home-bodies and we like quiet evenings at home(our typical evening involves a cup of coffee while watching whatever is our show du jour, which right now is Dr. Who) more than loud, expensive events around town.  Generally, once I go home from work I don’t want to leave again.  And on the weekends, I like to devote as much time to sewing as possible so I don’t like things that interrupt too much of my sewing time.

One thing that will get us out of the house though, is artistic events: symphonies, plays, operas, bluegrass concerts, ect.  So, when my mom invited us to go see a play at the local university where she works, we readily agreed.

I know that we live in a culture that celebrates casualness in dressing, but I like to dress up, particularly for events where someone is performing.  It just feels respectful to them.  I’m not going to have a lot of time to change tonight after work before we head over to the play, so I wanted to put together an outfit that could fairly easily and quickly transition from day to night.

The main focus of my outfit is a black sheath dress I picked up at Goodwill for $1.50 last week.  It’s nice and stretchy so it will be quite comfortable to wear all day as well as when I’m sitting in a theatre for a few hours.  For my day look, I layered the dress with my new white bow blouse and polka dot blazer. It’s professional, yet whimsy and cute at the same time.


Tonight, I’ll remove the jacket and the blouse,  then add in a statement necklace and a pair of stilettos.  The only issue will be deciding which stilettos to pick.  I’m torn between two different pairs.

The first are the gorgeous bow adorned ones I bought for my sister’s rehearsal dinner(which I didn’t end up wearing because it was too cold):


The second pair are the ones I wore for my optometry school graduation back in 2010.


{Dress: Goodwill, Blouse: WHBM, Jacket: F21, Shoe #1: can’t remember! , Shoe #2: Aldo}

Truth be told, the dress could stand some alterations because it’s a bit baggy around the waist, but I figured it’d be okay for today.

Which shoes would you choose to wear with my little black dress?


**ETA:  The FREAKING ZIPPER ON MY DRESS BROKE JUST NOW, mid-way through my work day!  Maybe that’s why it was at goodwill in the first place!!!!!  Holy crap, thank GOD I have on a blouse underneath the dress.  I took the blouse and am now wearing it OVER the dress to cover up the fact that the dress is open from mid-back all the way to my panty line.  Yeah, so I won’t be wearing either of those outfits tonight!  

8 thoughts on “Day to Night

  1. Nicole Gaiolini says:

    I like the black bow shoes better with that dress, the outfits look awesome and so do you! 🙂 I love both pairs of shoes! Also, I do not think you are a bad picture taker, you are very photogenic and pretty.

  2. Nicole Gaiolini says:

    I just read about how your zipper broke and I’m sure you could take it somewhere to be fixed or fix it yourself and have the chance to get the alterations that you said you wanted it to have as well. The dress is not a total loss yet! sorry to hear that happened to you.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Are you really surprised though considering it was me? I mean, you remember the time I spilled coffee all over my scrubs and Heather had to go wash them and dry them in the sun in the back of the office right?? HAHA.

      Before the zipper broke, I had actually spilled food all over the tie of my shirt and had to wash it in the sink and had it drying in my office, so I really am a mess!!

      And yea, I probably will just put in a new zipper and maybe take in the sides a bit.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I ended up just wearing the blouse with the skirt from the day before. Simple and quick. I was worn out by the time I got home and didn’t really feel like going through a giant production to find a new outfit.

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