I can’t help but think of confections and desserts whenever I wear this skirt.  To be honest, I thought I had gotten all the unique outfit wears out of it that I possibly could last time I wore it.  But, as it turns out, I had at least one more unique look(this is the 7th time I’ve worn it)!

It’s definitely been a more versatile skirt that I anticipated it being.  On that note, if you’re a style/fashion blogger, do you feel pressure to constantly churn out new and different looks?  I don’t see the point of taking a picture of an outfit that I’ve already posted on here and yet also feel compelled to post a new outfit most days…which means that  I almost NEVER repeat an outfit in it’s entirety….and I’ve been doing the daily thing for at least 1.5 years now.

I do foresee that eventually I will have to probably scale back how I often I post because eventually I will run out of viable outfit combinations, and as I have committed to either making all my own clothes or buying high-quality, made in US or similar working condition type factories it means I won’t be getting new pieces very often.


{Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet, Skirt: Banana, Sweater/Necklace: Target, Shoes: Payless}

I have nothing really to say to end this, other than have a nice day!



7 thoughts on “Parfait

  1. Franziska says:

    I haven’t repeated outfits on my blog but I don’t show every single outfit I ever wear, especially now when I change like 3 times a day. When I was working it did keep me on my toes though, to never repeat a look!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I don’t typically show my weekend “looks”(which, less face it usually consist of ratty cheerleading shorts and a bleach stained t-shirt) but I do try to do all my work looks. It is starting to feel a bit exhausting and overwhelming(particularly when I’m not constantly re-stocking my closet and/or returning stuff I showed on my blog…haha).

      Even on days where I know I’m not going to post I still have anxiety about what to wear: it’s either, I still don’t want to repeat an outfit because it’s become so ingrained in me to NOT repeat an outfit OR I worry I’ll put together a cute outfit that IS blog worthy and then regret not posting about it. I guess you could file this under the “bad” side of blogging.

      I don’t really change during the day, other than into a workout outfit and then into pjs/lounge outfit. I always wondered about bloggers who post outfits nearly daily and then talk about how they’ve “worn” such and such piece so many times, but they haven’t posted it but one time. I guess people change more often throughout the day than I do.

  2. lindsayliving says:

    I’ve never repeated an outfit on the blog, but of course I do in real life. I’ve known other bloggers that have repeated outfits on their blogs, but it usually becomes about making the point that tried and true outfits work anytime, even a couple years later in one example I can think of. I think we all want to post new and original things…those special outfits rather than ones we find mundane. Sidenote: You must have the best shoe collection I’ve ever seen. You should do a post about it sometime!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      So do you change sometimes during the day after you’ve taken your blog pictures or do you just not post a daily outfit? I am boring and just go to work then go home so I rarely need to wear more than one outfit per day(which I almost always blog about) and then on the weekends, I basically do chores and run errands so definitely no blog-worthy outfits there.

      I guess if a blog is strictly just to chronicle ones outfits, it would make sense to repeat outfits because that’s real life for most women. My blog is me chronicling my outfits to an extent, but I also want it to be a place that people can find inspiration to make multiple outfits from the same or similar pieces.

      Oh man, if you think I have a great shoe collection, you HAVE to check out She has the most stunning, amazing shoe collection I’ve ever seen(and she stunningly gorgeous to boot)

  3. heidi says:

    i think most of us try not to repeat an outfit, but sometimes that isn’t always realistic for our daily lives (not our “blog” lives). i’ve repeated outfits before and repeat the same combinations all the time (skirt + button down). it’s too bad we feel pressure to always be wearing something new and recreating something new when honestly, i would never know if someone has repeated an outfit because i follow so many blogs unless they pointed it out.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I guess my point was, if you are posting a work look each work day, then there really isn’t time for you to re-wear an outfit unless you either change during the day OR you don’t post that day.

      You are right though, about not remembering if someone wore an outfit before because I know I certainly don’t. I might remember a part of an outfit or a concept I liked about the outfit but not the outfit itself.

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