Guess what?  I’ve finally come to the end of my No-Repeat Challenge.  What was supposed to be for just the month of May carried through until almost the middle of July.  It definitely tells me that I probably have way too many clothes.  I have some before/after closet pictures that I will get around to posting probably tomorrow(once I find the memory card that has the pictures) along with some thoughts on clothing consumption.

Anyways, now that I’m free to choose from anything in my closet, I knew I wanted to wear my coral blazer ASAP.  Last time I wore it with a white lace pencil skirt and a navy polka dot blouse, and I mentioned that I had almost gone with a similar but different version.  Today’s version is basically  the reverse of last time.  Now I’m wearing a navy polka dot pencil skirt with a white/cream lace blouse.


{Blazer: Gap, Blouse: Van Heusen, Skirt/Necklace: Target, Shoes: Limited}

Did you have a good weekend?   Like all seamstresses, I have a basket of clothes sitting in my sewing room. It’s a combination of clothing that needs minor repairs(new zippers, buttons or ripped seams) and clothing I want to alter either to a different size or a different piece entirely(i.e., turn a too short dress into a peplum top).  My basket has grown rather large, so I have made a mental commitment to slowly start working through said basket.  This weekend, I managed to replace a broken zipper in a skirt for my mom, fix a ripped seam in a pair of hubby’s pants and take a shirt I bought at goodwill down a few sizes to fit me.

I also started another car seat cover, which of the ones I’ve made so far I think this one is my favorite.  Do you want a sneak peak?


Gorgeous right??  The pink ribbon/rose adorned minky down the center of the seat is the most expensive minky I bought for this little venture.  The canopy is made out of it with the damask as trim.  Through careful cutting I was actually able to get a second canopy cut out of this pink minky.  I’m not sure if I’ll combine it with the damask just like this one or do something a little different.

I’m getting a bit quicker at making the covers.  I think I’m about 75% done with this one and I’ve put in about 10 hours so far, so if all goes well I should be done with one in about 15 hours, which is better than the 20-25 I originally estimated.

I hope to finish this cover completely this week after work so that I can start construction of the July dress this upcoming weekend.  So far it looks like the July dress is going to be the navy/cream stripe silk taffeta number, as it currently has the most votes by a wide margin. If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you vote for which dress I should make this month here.



2 thoughts on “Reversed

  1. heidi says:

    that blazer looks so great with your polka dot skirt! i’m envious every time i see someone wear that blazer, it is just such a fun color & great fit!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      It is a nice blazer. It’s still on their website(though only in size 20) at $30 with 30% off so it might be worthwhile to check out your local gap and see if they have it in your size.

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