Because I was hot

Today’s outfit is a little less than stellar.  I was hot this morning and I just wanted something easy and not-fussy.  So I’m wearing a camisole with a “cardigan” that is made out of t-shirt material so it’s super light and breathable.

Why was I so hot you ask?  As usual for me, it involves a long convoluted story.  We bought a pressure washer a few weeks ago, after needing one for ages(Southern humidity+living near the coast=lots of mold on the house).  Hubby was off yesterday so he got to work pressure washing the house and it looks awesome.

He stored it in the garage when he was done and we went about our evening activities(workouts, dinner prep, sewing for me).  I thought I had smelled gas when I was downstairs earlier in the evening but shrugged it off as my imagination.

Later on, we were both in the man cave(which sits directly above the garage) and I was playing around with some nail art.  Hubby kept complaining about how bad my polishes smelled. I thought that was weird because I was being extra careful to quickly recap my polish(to limit the fumes) and I couldn’t really smell the polish at all.

Awhile later, I got up and got ready to go to bed.  I mentioned to hubby that I thought the bonus room smelled funny, and not like nail polish.  We started investigating(the smell got REALLy strong downstairs) and discovered that the pressure washer had been leaking gas all over the garage floor.  Hubby had not noticed there was a valve you had to turn off to stop the gas from leaking.

He moved the pressure washer to the backyard and we turned off the AC(it was circulating the fumes) and opened all the windows all night.  Needless to say it was rather warm and humid in the house while I was getting read.  Luckily, all that flow of fresh air seemed to do the trick and we were able to close up the house and start the AC again before I left for work.


I feel like my ombre is going away…:-(  you can kind of see in this photo if you look hard enough.  I guess the darker color she applied to my roots is washing out and tinting the bottom a darker red.


{Camisole: Maurices, Cardigan: Express, Skirt/Shoes: Target, Necklace: F21}

Have a great Thursday!



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